How is the excavator hydraulic oil cylinder run?

by:HMB     2021-01-24
In the modern highly mechanized, more and more work is done by machinery and equipment, humans have inseparable from them, with the help of machine can finish the work efficient, thanks to them, our life is more convenient, and social development so fast they had a hand. In order to adapt to the development of the society, improve the work efficiency, now of the mechanical equipment made more and more big, efficiency is also more and more high, the large machine can finish the work efficient, can not do without their core components of the hydraulic cylinder, a lot of gravity machinery must be with the hydraulic cylinder, as a core, power transmission and only with the help of the hydraulic cylinder to finish the work. Caterpillar excavator accessories hydraulic cylinder is the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, make a straight line reciprocating movement or oscillating movement of the hydraulic equipment, its structure is simple, do reciprocating motion, the smooth movement, in all kinds of engineering machinery, ships, machine tools, and even of defence equipment and other industries widely used. PASCAL is put forward in the 17th century of hydrostatic transmission principle, caterpillar excavator accessories laid the groundwork for the later development of hydraulic cylinder. In 1795, the British do with water medium, in the form of a hydraulic press application in industry, the world's first hydraulic press was born. 1905 oil instead of water as the working medium, the performance was further improved. After the first world war, the human into industrial age, hydraulic transmission began to widespread use. Different mechanical will use different types of hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder according to the structure consists of a piston cylinder, piston cylinder and swinging cylinder, different species have different functions. Piston hydraulic cylinder, which has two kinds of single and double piston cylinder piston cylinder caterpillar excavator attachments, only a single piston hydraulic cylinder piston rod at one end and both ends of the oil outlet and oil return, in order to realize the two-way movement, also known as double-acting cylinder, is often used in hydraulic excavators and other construction machinery. ▼ pair piston rod on both ends of the piston hydraulic cylinder is stretched out, and its composition and single rod hydraulic cylinder are basically the same. When hydraulic cylinder cavity filling right and the left oil return cavity, the piston moves left, whereas the piston moves to the right. Due to the piston rod diameter on both sides of the same, so the effective area of the same on both ends of the piston, if on the same input pressure and flow rate of oil respectively, then the thrust and reciprocating piston speed also caterpillar excavator parts are equal, the speed of hydraulic cylinder is often used to return but not thrust in the same place, such as grinding machine workbench. ▼ so, whether you have such a doubt, the power of hydraulic oil from where come of, oil returning to where go to, the following this picture maybe you could understand it. ▼ from hydraulic pump is the power of engine, the engine output shaft, a caterpillar excavator accessories hydraulic pump output shaft, also have a connection on both ends, engine rotation driven in hydraulic pump, which is when we usually can see drivers hit the gas, hydraulic system like the chicken blood dry more and more fierce. Plunger hydraulic cylinder is a single acting cylinders, by fluid pressure can only achieve a direction of movement, plunger return depends on other external force or dead weight of plunger piston and cylinder does not contact, end pressure plunger type, in order to ensure the plunger have enough thrust and stability, and the plunger generally coarser, the weight is bigger, easy to cause uneven wear mounted horizontally, should be installed vertically, on the machine used for long stroke. A plunger cylinder has two one-way valve, and in the opposite direction, caterpillar excavator attachments plunger to produce negative pressure in cylinder when one direction, it is a one-way valve to open the liquid be inhaled in cylinder, plunger to another direction, to squeeze the liquid after another one-way valve is opened, drawn into the cylinder's liquid is expelled, continuous movement of this way of working is formed after the continuous oil supply. ▼ oscillating hydraulic cylinder is the output torque and the execution of reciprocating motion, caterpillar excavator attachments also called swing hydraulic motor, a single leaf and double leaf in two forms, the stator is fixed on the cylinder body, and the rotor blades and connected together, according to the feed direction will drive the rotor for reciprocating swing, is used in the field of high torque, engineering machinery, vehicle. When an oil mouth into the pressure oil, another oil when the oil return, blade under the effect of pressure, the swing, the direction to a drive shaft deflection Angle, when the swap back to the oil inlet, motor reversal.
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