How important is today's science: excavator parts gasket?

by:HMB     2021-01-19

in excavator parts, one part, though small, but you can find it in all corners of the excavator, that is gasket. Common gasket with asbestos mat, rubber pads, insulation pad, spring pad and so on.

the usefulness of gasket

before the correct use of gaskets, we first need to be clear, how the gasket play a huge role? Gasket in addition to prevent the action of excavator parts matching surface between oil, water, air, leakage, and some tighten locking effect.

by the role of the gasket, it is easy to see if it is not the correct use of gaskets, too thick or shall not apply to the correct type of gaskets, excavator parts will appear between the fault phenomenon such as oil leakage, leakage. For example to prove it!

engine cylinder gasket thickness, original with iron cylinder pad, and in the daily maintenance, many users to install the original asbestos pad or other kinds of cylinder pad, resulting in lower compression ratio, so the phenomenon such as difficulty in engine starting is expected.

excavator attachments injector ( Nozzle) Cooperate with inside the cylinder head surface using copper gaskets, if use asbestos pad or other metal gasket, easy to make the fuel injector heat bad erosion problems.

excavator attachments oil pump and fuel injection pump ( Diesel pump) Combination between gasket thickness, will lead to insufficient amount of oil and oil pressure, diesel engine power decrease.

in addition, if the packing trampoline, lock pad, gasket, the joint face tight does not reach the designated position, prone to loosening or oil. Such as engine repair kits gasket middle hole hole and forget, is easy to cause the oil duct, the waterway jam, engine burning tile holding shaft, water boiled phenomenon also happen very often.

in this remind the general maintenance personnel or have certain maintenance technology to dig the machinist, when maintenance replacement of excavator attachments, remember not to attend, gaskets are small very useful, once ignored most likely disaster!

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