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How hot is the demand for HMB mini excavators?

How hot is the demand for HMB mini excavators?


  How hot is the demand for small excavators? A foreign customer of mine bought a small excavator to dig holes in his garden to relieve stress. Although small excavators are small, they can complete many tasks that cannot be done by large-scale excavators. They are small in size, low in initial investment, and have a wide range of applications. They are small-scale engineering operations.

一、The scope of application of mini excavators

1. Municipal engineering: 

    In municipal construction, trenching and burying underground pipelines are indispensable. Due to the small size and flexibility of the small excavator, it has become a good choice. Moreover, the boom of the small excavator can deflect 90 degrees, which is very practical when burying walls. The transportation of small excavators is also very convenient. Light trucks or even pickup trucks can be used to complete the transfer.

2. Demolition: 

    The walls and openings must be broken during interior decoration. The size of the small excavator is relatively small, and it can go up and down stairs through stairs or even elevators. There are old houses, garages and other places that must be demolished. Small excavators are an excellent tool that saves time and effort. If there is no small excavator, you will find it takes time and effort to demolish the entire building.

3. Highway construction: 

    In some cases, foundations and water supply and drainage pipes must be excavated by hand. Now these tasks can be solved by a small excavator, which not only reduces the labor intensity of the workers, but also greatly increases the construction speed.

4. Tunnel construction: 

    The height of the small excavator is low and can be used in some small tunnels. Some manufacturers have even developed electric small excavators, which are more suitable for tunnel environments.

5. Gardening: 

    The working environment of agricultural gardens is relatively small. There are often crops and crop saplings around. In the construction of agricultural gardens, it is impossible to use large-scale machinery for excavation and trenching operations. The small excavator is just right, it can remove tree stumps, gravel or rocks, and even clear bushes perfectly.

6. Greenhouse shed: 

   Vegetable sheds are generally very low, and large agricultural machinery cannot operate in them. Therefore, digging and trenching operations are replaced by small excavators.

7. Dangerous high-altitude operations: 

  We often see some small excavators build cliffs on cliffs or post-disaster reconstruction work. The excavator chassis can be tilted to keep the upper cab part level, while the excavator is suspended by a wire rope.

8 Irrigation system

   Most irrigation systems will require a lot of trenching and other digging, which is just right for small excavators. You can also use a small excavator to work on other large sprinkler systems.

9. Plow snow

   Use a small excavator to plow snow and ice. Remember to pay attention to traction; especially on rough icy ground, your small excavator may lose its tracks.

10. Install the terrace

   If you want to install a terrace and build a garden path, a small excavator can be used to dig and level almost any size area, and it can also be used to carry terrace materials.

二、the benefits of mini excavators


Any environment, not limited by space size

2. High efficiency

Small excavators have versatility and the ability to use accessories to provide a variety of services, and can accomplish many tasks.

3. Quiet

Mini excavators are quieter than most heavy equipment and promote harmony in the lives of neighbors.

4. Slight damage to the ground

The mini excavator, which is lighter, leaves a small footprint on the operating surface, thereby reducing the risk of damage to the exterior and structure.

5. Low cost

MINI excavators consume less power, which means that the machine has lower operating costs, is easy to learn and operate, and has low training costs.

  Mini excavators have many good uses, especially for workers who work outside cities and suburbs, using small excavators saves time and effort. If you don’t know much about small excavators, please don’t worry, we will mark various functions on the machine on the operating lever, and the business team will also send you tutorial videos, so you will be able to operate the machine well soon.

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