Hook machine cannot be started or difficult to start, a screening method

by:HMB     2021-01-22
If you start the hook machine cannot be started or it has already became a difficult thing, please don't panic, try from the following several aspects of illness and treatment. Battery power is insufficient, should be promptly to the battery charging at this time, check the battery level, timely supplement electrolyte to height. If you find bad battery charged aging, the battery should be replaced, at the same time pay attention to the daily maintenance battery, don't let the battery constantly in a state of loss of electricity. Start the machine fault repair or replacement to start the machine. The generator fault repair or replace the generator. Check line and fix line fault. 5. Low pressure oil vapor lock: under the effect of oil transfer pump or pump suction, fuel tank by low pressure oil to the high-pressure pump. If the low pressure oil closed lax, or fuel tank oil level is too low, and tilted vehicle parking and driving, air will enter the oil; If the temperature is high, fuel evaporation, also can form in low pressure oil gas resistance, causing engine working instability, automatically shut down or the engine won't start. 6. Oil plug: the common parts of the oil plug main fuel tanks in the tubing, the filter, diesel filter, oil vent, etc. Main problems of the oil plug is injected does not accord with a standard diesel oil, or sneak in the process of gas impurities. Prevention is key to ensure clean diesel fuel and oil seal, oil for regular maintenance, to strengthen the cleaning and maintenance of diesel filter, clean or replace filter in time, according to the working environment conditions in a timely manner to cleaning tank, to remove sludge and moisture at the bottom of the tank. 7. Fuel injection pump failure: fuel injection pump plunger and delivery valve I wear serious, caused the engine starting difficulty. At this time should be timely replacement plunger and delivery valve couple.
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