Hong Kong excavator digging bucket shipments

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Hong Kong customer ordered three steel SK200 excavator digging bucket has been well done, god set a hair go, according to the customer request, to fight, both inside and outside to do the corresponding reinforcement. SK200 scoop installation size, bucket pin 80, marla's first 326, 450, center distance of tooth plate 40, 30 side board, floor 10, chain plate welding, welding half shaft, side chain plate reinforcement, welding welding between tooth seat car axle shaft and spring steel reinforcement. From customer orders to send, before and after five days, the anxious customer anxious, right should immediately inform my customers that do scoop, material is very important, the other welding materials are also important, only good material, makes the solid coal tub. We are digging bucket ten years production experience manufacturers, if you have corresponding requirements, welcome to contact us.
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