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HMB Promotion Discount Notice

HMB Promotion Discount Notice


HMB Promotion Discount Notice

Yantai Jiwei is grateful to give back to global customers for their strong support for HMB. In order to allow more customers to purchase cost-effective and high-quality products, Yantai Jiwei decided to start from 8.20-9.30, and all orders will be placed in Yantai Jiwei Of customers enjoy a discount of 2%~5%, and you can consult our sales staff for specific discount information.

The discount for this event is very strong. Especially for the top models of HB20G and HB30G series, If you buy it, you earn it. Come to inquire! ! It's so low that it's beyond your imagination!

Activity time: 2021.8.20~9.31

Event target: global customers

Activity items: a full range of hydraulic breakers and various attachments of excavators

In addition, you can also visit

Browse all product series of Yantai Jiwei. Yantai Jiwei produces a wide range of products. You can find all the products you want in Yantai Jiwei. If you have any need,please contact me.


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