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HMB new rotation type Hydraulic Concrete Pulverizer

HMB new rotation type Hydraulic Concrete Pulverizer


HMB new rotation type Hydraulic Concrete Pulverizer

In order to meet customer's requirements, besides fixed head hydraulic pulverizer,HMB team also has designed a new rotation type Hydraulic Concrete Pulverizer.

Similar to the fixed head hydraulic pulverizer,this new crusher machine is also used for high efficiency secondary demolition and concrete recycling,mainly in the following aspects:

  • Demolition of building, workshop beams, houses and other buildings.

  • Steel recycling

  • Concrete crushing

 With high working efficiency,low noise and non-vibration, it can meet the environmental protection, which is suitable for cities and high-tech zones demolition projects.

 HMB Hydraulic pulverizer is composed with main body, hydraulic cylinder, movable jaw and fixed jaw. For the jaw teeth, HMB make them with double layer wear resistance protection, and using HARDOX400 sheet material. The external hydraulic system provides hydraulic pressure to the hydraulic cylinder to open and close the jaws to achieve the effect of crushing objects.

What models can you choose for this new rotation Hydraulic Concrete Pulverizer?

HMB has five models to fit 6-80 ton excavator digger.

Here are some pictures about this machine.

More details please contact us.

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