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2021HMB annual meeting

2021HMB annual meeting


 2021HMB annual meeting

On January 22, 202, Yantai Jiwei Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. held an annual meeting with the theme of "Reviewing 2020, Looking Forward to 2021" at Yantai Asia Hotel. All employees gathered together.

At the beginning of the annual meeting, the general manager first gave a New Year message to all employees, affirming the hard work of Jiwei employees throughout the year in 2020, and expressing the deep concern for Jiwei employees and their expectations for the new year. The vigorous development of Yantai Jiwei is inseparable from the joint efforts of all employees; Yantai Jiwei is affirmed by more customers and is inseparable from the joint efforts of all employees; each one pays one reward, and the general manager awards outstanding employees , Take a group photo.

Looking back at every moment that Yantai Jiwei deserves to be recorded in 2020, the photo taken during the protection audit during the epidemic, the photo of the workshop started during the epidemic, the photo of the team building game, the photo of the New Trade Festival breaking through one million dollars, the introduction of new production equipment, and the continuous high Efficient delivery and so on, we have been on the road of struggle, on the road of hard work, on the road of success.

 Come and listen to what everyone wants to say to Yantai Jiwei? Click on the time node you want to see to get the content you want.

Tips: 1. 3. The client’s blessing clip is between 0 minutes 0 seconds to 3 minutes 48 seconds.

2. The blessing clip of the foreign trade department starts from 3 minutes 48 seconds to 4 minutes 18 seconds

3. The blessing clip of the production department starts from 4 minutes and 19 seconds and ends in 4 minutes 46 seconds.

The annual meeting was officially kicked off with the "Dancing Youth" of the Ministry of Foreign Trade. The live shows were brilliant, with skits, erhu, chorus, cross talk, etc., which caused the scene to climax and laugh, and there was also an exciting lottery draw. There are first prize, second prize, third prize and participation prize.

In the game session, everyone participated enthusiastically. The final winner of the "snatching stool" turned out to be a female employee of the Foreign Trade Department. It seems that every employee of Yantai Jiwei is not a simple role. Next, the manager of the foreign trade department Xu and the general manager will sing "Tomorrow You Will Be Better" together. The singing is beautiful and beautiful, and the sincere hope can be heard. I hope that Yantai Jiwei will be better tomorrow and move to a higher level. The whole annual meeting has reached a climax. Everyone toasted together and wished Jiwei a better tomorrow.

With enough food and wine, everyone played a "potato nuggets, potato chips and potato shreds" game under the leadership of the host. Straighten your arms and hit each other with your fists. Potato nuggets, clapping hands, potato chips, and potato shreds when closed. Listen to the password and move together to see if you can flexibly keep up with the rhythm. The small game has formed a neat and uniform picture, just like us at work, united and in step, moving towards the goal.

 Looking back on 2020, we will work together, work hard, and harvest together. Looking forward to 2021, we have the same goal and full of confidence, and we hope that Yantai Jiwei will have a better tomorrow. Next, each department took the stage to call out the flag to be established in 2021.

Finally, everyone took pictures together and "HAPPY NEW YEAR" together.

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