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by:HMB     2021-01-21

【 Excavator parts 】 Excavator is our common heavy engineering machinery, it play an important role in the middle of the projects, one is an essential part of engineering construction machinery. It big, wide range of USES, to engineering & other; The big MAC & throughout; The celebrated. However, compared to those & other; Carrier level & throughout; Heavy construction machinery, excavators really can be said to be dwarfed, appears is very small. What is a monster?

1。 Heaviest self-propelled engineering machinery

14210 tons krupp Bagger 293, German building, 96 meters high, The equivalent of 30 storeys) 49 meters, 240 meters long, wide, 14210 tons. Equipped with 20 8. 6 cubic meters bucket, a total installed capacity of 20000 kilowatts, driving wheel bucket to adopt 3 1680 - kw motor, total power of 5040 kw, 240000 cubic meters a day mining earthwork quantity.

2。 The big step into type shovel

Bucyrus - 12258 tons Erie 4250W( 大马斯基) Put into use, built in the year 1967, 1969, construction costs $25 million, it has 22 storeys high, with 13800 v high voltage driver, only the weight of the empty bucket is 209 tons.

3。 Largest crawler transporter

8100 tons of NASA's giant reptiles conveyor, mid -, 41. 2 meters wide and 34. 7 meters, 6. 1 meters, the weight of 2722 tons, and rocket, the spacecraft, launcher and launch platform, more than 8100 tonnes. Has been performed to the task of the Apollo spacecraft and space shuttle to the towers.

4。 ” World a crane & quot;

China's sany heavy industry building, host components alone weighs 740 tons, 1500 tons, have two giant caterpillar, 2 meters wide, 2. 4 meters, 15 meters long, the main boom over 120 metres high, the equivalent of 40 - 50 floors.

5。 The world's largest shield machine

Bertha RS99, Hitachi shipbuilding company to build, the diameter of 17 of shield machine. 45 meters, about 110 meters long and weighs about 7000 tons.

6。 Biggest self-propelled stripping excavator

6360, 13500 tons of Marion as high as 21 storeys, the use of high voltage of 7000 v, walking device for eight tracks, the bucket arm length is 41 meters, high degree of 67 largest mining. 2 m, is by far the world's largest power shovel, blasting dismantling is damaged by fire in 1992, the life of the mining quantity of 620 million square.

how, see the giant big guy, isn't it want to worship at the moment. Excavator accessories manufacturers want to say, the wisdom of the people are really powerful, these heavy engineering machinery has made a significant contribution to the development of for people's life. As the old driver in your project is also seen many large engineering machinery?

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