High temperature season, excavator engine fever, how to do

by:HMB     2021-01-14
In the coming week weather forecast for the high temperature will exceed 30 degrees Celsius, summer's door has been opened, often outdoor homework excavator is easy to heat engine, with excavator parts explore how to solve the excavator engine fever today. Engine overheating, generally is by the cooling circulating water temperature is too high. Cause excavator engine overheating, excavator parts small make up that there are two aspects of common factors, namely the heat pipe heat dissipation function reduction and heat consumption is too large. Cause the reduction function of the heat pipe radiator fall factors are:

abnormal heat pipe radiator (1) after heat pipe radiator used for a long time, the dirt is relatively thickening. Because of fouling heat conduction ability is poor, so will be abnormal heat pipe radiator. (2) the heat pipe radiator vents blocked, the engine run time because of the effect of the cooling fan, the dust will be through the heat pipe radiator with air pressure. When the dust adhesion in heat pipe flat tube radiator and radiator, not only lower the heat pipe radiator air flow cross section, and heat transfer function caused by the dust and dirt factors too poor, leading to abnormal heat pipe radiator. (3) the engine belt running deviation, the cooling system of heat dissipation dynamics is the size of the fan speed, if because the cooling fan drive belt is too loose and running deviation, will cause the driving force transmission effect is reduced, which not only lower the fan speed, cooling strength is reduced, and the pump rotation speed and reduces. By reducing engine displacement, the cooling circulating water flow speed is slow, cannot be faster to take away heat, the heat pipe radiator.

(4) the cooling power conditioning control system damage, excavator attachments shutters and thermostat for the regulation of heat dissipation dynamics control system, if the cooling power conditioning control system operation method of system failure or improper handling, all can cause the engine temperature is too high. Shutter is located in the heat pipe radiator before, it is used to adjust the heat pipe radiator air flow, its opening large air quantity is big, the ventilation rate is small and opening hours. When the shutter opens, the cooling air flow cross-section smaller, its engine temperature rise. (5) thermostat, thermostat located in the port of engine, its function is to regulate heat dissipation dynamics, namely the engine at low temperature, disconnect the circulation water system, connecting waterways, pulmonary circulation system in order to reduce the heat to make engine temperature rising fast; Engine temperature up to the standard temperature, thermostat will circulation system water connection, turn off the minor cycle water system. If the thermostat damage cannot be circulation system water connection, cause abnormal cooling circulation water cycle system, cooling circulating water absorption of heat cannot be brought to the heat pipe radiator and engine overheating.

6 cooling circulating water freezing winter runs, excavator parts heat pipe radiator cooling circulating water temperature of the water chamber is low easy to freeze, when frozen, cooling circulating water circulation system not causing the cooling circulating water temperature is too high. Insufficient cooling and circulating water cooling circulating water cooling circulation system is the carrier of the calorific value, that is a body's domestic demand will take away heat is taken away by the water the carrier will send out of, if the cooling liquid cooling system for leaks or volatile and reduce, will take away the calorific value will be lower in the body and the engine of excessive savings calorific value is that the engine is overheating. The main factors of cooling circulating water to reduce has the following two points:

1) heat leakage of water seepage in water pump water seal damage, pipe cracking or connecting head is not sealed, heat pipe radiator wrecked on the water and water penetration, switch or turn off the lax, heater machine water seepage, etc. , all can cause the cooling system of cooling circulating water is reduced, thus caused the engine is overheating. (2) the water temperature of the air cooling system damage and volatilization, the same will also reduce the cooling circulating water system, if added to run not timely, also causes engine overheat, excavator attachments damaged. As the saying goes, & other; Often walk along the river bank, which have not wet shoes & throughout; , the excavator are often in outdoor work, summer heat, the engine heat probability is great, maintenance knowledge stored in advance, a lifesaver.

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