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by:HMB     2021-01-28
Many just into a line or inexperienced carter excavators main failure began to lost heart, don't know how to solve, in fact, we met this kind of problem, no matter what kind of work would fail, but we'll be the first to find the cause of the failure so suit the remedy to the case, a pair of medicine that can cure. So as carter excavators main problem we encountered the oil into the water to us first of all, don't panic, the failure to find out first at the start of the maintenance, so how do we find the cause of the problem? Small make up just to tell you today. Carter excavators oil into the water there are many reasons, but the most likely is the inside of the carter accessories is damaged or man-made. Generally like artificial this possibility is very small. Carter accessories damage this possibility is very large. Today is to analyze for you. A head gasket damaged, carter excavators. Cylinder pad on engine play a very role, it can seal the corresponding channel and the oil cylinder and the cylinder oil, thus avoiding the oil into the water; So some owners to find out the reasons, in cylinder pad or leaking, so this is how to return a responsibility? Buy cylinder pad quality is bad, buy inferior installed, master of improper installation or maintenance. Second, the cylinder and the cylinder liner damage resistance hydrosphere. Many owners didn't notice this, some carter excavators engine cylinder liner is used above hydrosphere resistance of cylinder liner, as a seal at the bottom of the cylinder liner can effectively prevent the oil cooling water leakage, but time is long in some poor quality sealing ring can appear aging or failure, it will appear the situation of the water; Cylinder liner cracks or corrosion wear hole will appear the oil into the water, when our cylinder liner appeared in both cases, we will solve in time. These methods above are inexperienced just into a line or owner for reference, but ultimately it needs our repairman to repair. If carter excavators in oil water through these three methods to judge, we can also from other aspects, such as oil cooler core to check, so as to determine the cause of the oil into the water.
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