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by:HMB     2021-01-22
Engine has a carbon deposit is a problem of every main problems. We are in the process of use, must maintain good. So the carbon deposit harm is very big. When we add fuel, is impossible to absolutely pure, carter excavator filter will also have a filter above the limit, so some tiny impurity in the fuel carbon deposition within the cylinder after combustion. Carter excavators with two filter, a coarse filter, fine filter, the two also cannot ensure hundred filters out the dross in the air. These small dust with gas into the combustion chamber, the combustion and carbide within the cylinder. Carter excavators in high speed running, the engine parts in the process will produce the wear debris, the debris after burning-out also deposits within the cylinder. After burning the carbon deposit, after the explosion shock, eventually to the ring grooves, injector nozzle and the valve. If the carbon deposit accumulation in the piston groove, will is piling up, stick to piston ring, finally lead to deformation of piston ring, prominent, cut cylinder liner, cylinder. Cylinder will cause carter excavators to overhaul engine. In the fuel injector, there will be plug nozzle, so that we can only replace the fuel injector. Carbon deposit on the valve, can cause valve uneven, valve rod breaking, valve chassis of fracture, the end result is caused by carter excavators engine valve inside, lock plate, seat, piston, all the damage. Can learn through the above, the engine carbon deposit will cause very serious consequences, so we should carefully understand carter excavators, especially, long hours of carter excavators, pay close attention to whether the power smoothly, is there a drop, once appear problem, we need to change timely maintenance.
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