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by:HMB     2021-01-24
Why walk on carter excavators gear reducer, gear oil only need to add half? Many novice carter excavators owners have such doubt, said today to give you about why only need filling half of the walking speed reducer gear oil! Plus gear is each carter excavators have to add, but how much this is very critical. But why do you want to add? Walk this is because there are many group of planetary gear speed reducer, carter walking excavator, the inside of the gear is high speed rotating, so must be loaded with gear oil for lubrication. Carter excavators walking speed reducer is a closed space, filled with gear oil gear reducer, gear oil while working for a long time will be due & other; Heat bilges cold shrink & throughout; Volume increase, compressibility and gear oil itself is very small, so it is easy to put the oil seal broken cause oil leakage phenomenon appeared. In addition, the gear completely submerged in gear oil, its running resistance will increase greatly, increase the friction, generates more heat. Filling half of the gear oil, however, due to the air in the other half of carter excavators gear reducer has better compressibility, even if the gear oil temperature increase volume expansion at work, also won't too much on the oil seal of the extrusion, can maintain the closed carter excavators gear reducer.
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