High precision excavator bearings on heavy equipment development history for you

by:HMB     2021-01-21

excavator bearings data obtained, at the beginning of the 20th century, driven by the carriage and steam heavy equipment completely changed the construction industry, improve the productivity, shorten the construction time. With the invention of the internal combustion engine, automotive industry began to have more change.

road system construction is the construction of the 1960 s and the boom of heavy equipment industry. This type of work requires high power device and new device.

excavator bearings manufacturers think high horsepower wiper is used to move the highway system to build a large number of materials. In these projects, there are hundreds of scraper. In the 1960 s and & other; Monster machine & throughout; Ten years. The size of the machine and power are increased; While surface mining excavator bearing industry demand is still the largest machinery, even today, including the 360 - ton truck, it has grown into a 400 tons of truck, higher efficiency, more efficient, but not more.

in the 1970 s has increased the demand for coal, increasing the demand for heavy equipment and excavator bearing accessories. Demand is so great that order a large machine, found 2 to 3 years of waiting list.

in the 1980 s, the recession has changed the industry, many companies fail. The recession has also changed the four big heavy equipment manufacturer's future: international harvester, Euclid, caterpillar and Allis Chalmers.

in the 1990 s, only caterpillar retained its original name. In the mid - 90 - s, a wave of environmental protection laws and regulations to force manufacturers to start producing cleaner, more efficient diesel engines.

the worst recession in 2008, the people's attention from ownership to heavy equipment rental. Excavator bearings know, at present, more than 40% of the equipment is bought by the rental company. Manufacturers of pressure constant, to produce more efficient heavy equipment. The sustainable development of the main engine parts electrification and more energy efficient alternatives to traditional dynamic system is the expected future heavy equipment.

even with all these changes, excavator bearing heavy equipment recovery in the global market is expected to reach about $19. 2 billion in 2017. Is expected in 2017, about 809000 construction machine will sales throughout the world, there are about 186000 vehicles delivered to customers in North America.

linqing excavator bearings has always believed that no matter what do you think of construction and heavy equipment: no roads, no buildings, no house; No heavy equipment and excavator bearing accessories, and construction industry, there is nothing to build, and run the heavy equipment are also unable to build. And trucking industry, all of our lives, from our home to our store, rely on the building, heavy equipment and truck industry.

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