Heating installation excavator bearings

by:HMB     2021-01-21

if you do not have press, installed heating is a good way to excavator bearings, especially protection. This process is not applicable to seal rubber or rubber bearing. Shield bearing has a metal cover, the side cover, so nothing can melt. During the installation process, thermal installation reduces the excavator bearings and shaft damage risk, because it can easily slide onto the shaft. When cooled, it contracts and held on to the shaft. Because wants even heating, accurate to adjust quantity of heat, heat damage excavator bearing metallurgical properties, softening bearing, will damage the lubricating oil. Do not use open flame heating, such as a burner. Appropriate electric installation unit including induction heater, oven and hot plate. Induction heater and oven is the most convenient, and the heater is the fastest, you can use the equipment. Modern excavators bearing induction heater is a real pleasure to use, because they have a magnetic temperature probe mounted on inner ring. You set temperature, when the temperature of the excavator has met the requirement of the bearing, it shut down to prevent overheating, when cooled to 20 degrees, it will automatically restart.

usually excavator bearing temperature above 150 & deg; F axle temperature for installation provides enough expansion. No heating temperature higher than 250 & deg; F, this is usually the thermal stability of bearing steel temperature. For sealing and lubrication of bearings, you must consider oils and the temperature of the sealing material. Use most of the multipurpose grease seal can process about 230 & deg; F and ordinary NBR seal used to seal the excavator bearings, also can handle up to about 230 & deg; F, but some kind of special sealing materials like pu can only handle 180 & deg; F。

so - 190 200° F is a very good security seal or limit protection excavator bearing whether nitrile rubber seal. As an open bearing, 230 & deg; F is a very good security restrictions.

cooling shaft is another method to get the shaft and excavator bearings temperature difference between 150 & deg; F。 Although this approach works well, and successfully for many times, but the manufacturers often do not recommend it as & other; Heating effect & throughout; Because after installation & other; Heating effect & throughout; Can cause condensation to form, and may therefore corrosion bearing.

ball excavator bearings and shaft diameter is less than 2 inches, the interference fit between the shaft and inner circle should not exceed 0. 001' , which means that the cold installation lever punch or death blow hammer casing inner ring of the bearing work, generally don't need to be heated to prevent damage to the shaft seat. The adoption of the heavier in larger bearing on interference fit, in more than 2 inches in diameter on the bearing of using heat installation is common.

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