Handle, vibration, oil spill, the original is pilot filter in excavator parts!

by:HMB     2021-01-18

to dig the friends all know that the handle is the key to the excavator motion control components, and dig the friends every day is the most intimate contact of excavator parts of it. As the vehicle & other; The baton & throughout; It must be kept in good working condition. But the desire is good, any accessories design life, handle to use for a long time there will be a shock, heavy, the phenomenon such as oil, where there is a problem then? How to solve?

fault point

if there is vibration, dig friends handle heavy, the phenomenon such as oil, is highly recommended to check excavator parts the forerunner of the gear system. Pilot filter is used to filter the impurities and collect the guide system hydraulic oil. If excavator parts of pilot filter blockage, will lead to handle the phenomenon such as heavy, slow speed of the vehicle, such a serious delayed time limit for a project, to dig the friends caused economic losses.

the handle vibration, handle the spill any troubleshooting method

1, check card excavator accessories valve core, the spring is broken.

2, pilot valve from appearance observation, see if there is a trace of oiled, if oiled, may be internal four oil seal and O ring is broken, need to open the replacement;

3, single handle in do actions to see if there are vibrations, pilot valve metal return pipe, can be found to clean;

handle heavy screening method

inspection excavator parts forerunner of the gear pump pressure, 4. About 5 mpa as normal ( Measuring position as shown in figure) , to measure pressure in a3 plug, plug in 7 mpa pressure gauge, for testing. If the pressure slants big, need to adjust the relief valve of the gear pump. Pilot relief valve adjustment, as shown in figure of the adjusting screw, adjusting screw rotation laps according to pressure changes, usually 1 turns around to 2. 1MPa。

replacement method

to determine the cause of the problem, then the next step is to replace the excavator attachments pilot filter, dig the friends pay attention to the above marking guide the position of the filter element, remove the check after pilot filter congestion and record the change of time, so that the next scheduled maintenance. Excavator accessories manufacturer here remind you the forerunner filter can change can't repair, do not save costs, or the devil!

the guide element is related to the whole hydraulic system & other Health & throughout; Situation, don't change for a long time lead to pollutants into the hydraulic system damage is immeasurable, light, leading to handle, vibration, oil, etc. , or the excavator hydraulic system paralysis! small make up the last reminder: in order to you & other; Love machine & throughout; Health run, please check regularly to replace the guide cartridge!

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