Handle caton, excavator parts at small make up to you!

by:HMB     2021-01-20

the excavator handle is our operation of the hand is the most frequent contact, as the growth of the use fixed number of year, handle the use of smooth degree is in constant decreases. Especially for more than 10 years & other; The old car & throughout; , there will be a big and small problems. small make up today to help you to solve the problem of the handle, to dig the friends can refer to it. Fault phenomenon:

whole vehicle speed is slow, caton handle operation is the most let drivers teacher headache problem, and PPC valve ( Handles) Is the most main reason of the excavator parts failure. When excavator hydraulic oil at work for a long time without replacement, hydraulic oil too much impurity, impurity stuck in PCC valve ( Handles) , the occurrence of breakdowns. Fault handling:

to replace the hydraulic oil filter ( Long time no replacement of hydraulic oil ( Replaced every 2000 hours) And hydraulic oil filter, Replaced every 500 hours) Will cause the PPC valve core card drain)

clean PPC valve ( Handles) If the PPC valve ( Handles) The spill or valve disc wear corresponding excavator attachments need to be replaced.


PPC valve ( Handles) Is a kind of proportional pressure control valve, installed below the bridge each operating handle, it can size according to the driver operating handle, output the corresponding control oil pressure, make the excavator attachments have corresponding movement, the main control valve valve core to control the working speed of the working device.

note: komatsu PC200 - 7 PPC valve handles all travel must be in 2. 7MPa( Other factory models and about 40 kg/cm2) The above ( More than 28 kg/cm2) 。

position and structure:

PPC valve ( Handles) Position and parts

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