Hammer the harm of the hydraulic system

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Broken hammer generally used in demolition and mining and other occasions, the construction of dust easily along the steel into the hammer cylinder, leads to the hydraulic oil pollution and aging. Due to the impact of the hammer is reciprocating fast movement, oil return speed and relative pulse is bigger, also can cause the hydraulic oil aging faster. The hydraulic oil after aging or pollution, is associated with a greater risk of hydraulic pump failure. In addition if broken hammer studio too little high gas, air and hydraulic oil will affect the hydraulic system, light can cause high temperature hydraulic oil darting oil, gas, or will damage the hydraulic pump. In order to reduce the harm of the hydraulic system, the hammer in use process should pay attention to several: add oil return filter: for broken hammer with oil return pipeline filter, the reflux pump of the hydraulic oil filter. But also pay attention to replace the oil return filter and hydraulic oil regularly. Using high quality of broken hammer ( With the accumulator : inferior hammer because of design, fabrication, inspection and other links are prone to problems, using the high failure rate, more likely to cause damage of excavator. Appropriate engine speed ( Medium gas) : due to the broken hammer requirements for working pressure and flow rate is low, Such as excavator, 20 ton 160 - work pressure The 140-180 kg, flow 180升/分钟) , and work medium gas; If down work not only improve the crackdown will cause abnormal hydraulic oil temperature, the hydraulic system will be hurt. In a timely manner to replace oil seal: seal belong to wearing parts, it is recommended that the hammer work - 600 800 hours, to replace a broken hammer oil seal; When oil seal leakage must immediately stop work, replace the oil seal. It is forbidden to play: empty empty play not only makes the oil temperature rise, and makes an abnormal vibration lead to impurities into the hammer just in the body, the hydraulic system of hydraulic oil pollution damage.
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