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great! great!The strongest excavator attachment helper-orange peel grab

great! great!The strongest excavator attachment helper-orange peel grab



     The main function of the orange peel grapple is to grab and load various materials such as scrap metal, industrial waste, gravel, construction waste, and domestic garbage. It is an effective tool for processing large and irregular materials such as scrap steel, pig iron, ore, and garbage. As a mobile grab machine, it can meet the needs of loading, unloading, stacking, and unstacking. Loading and placing of various scrap steel materials. The orange peel grab can be used by connecting the excavator, and the orange peel grapple is safe and convenient. The machine is designed for heavy work, such as handling boulders or heavier materials on a rocky beach, and can also be installed on a crane or truck. High-quality materials are used in the manufacturing process to ensure that the machine is durable and works in the most difficult conditions

一、working principle:

   The the orange peel grapple (steel grab) is a device used with the bucket. It controls the opening and closing movement of the hydraulic grab through a fixed hinge seat, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic grab, hydraulic tubing and supporting hydraulic integrated control circuit. It can cooperate with the excavation to carry fixed heavy objects, such as stones, wood, metal scraps and other large heavy objects, which makes up for the single function of the bucket that can only be excavated.

  Through low-cost transformation, the excavator has the function of grabbing heavy objects, and has also expanded the use space and use occasions of the excavator. Compared with the reconfiguration of the excavator, the use cost is reduced by one third. Both the bucket and the bucket can realize separate control movement, the use of space is more flexible, and the operation is convenient. When digging is needed, the hydraulic grab can be retracted without affecting the digging operation. There is a function that can be used to achieve grabbing when you need to use it, which is not really a clever use and a multiplier transformation.


  The orange peel grapple has four petals and five petals, as well as rotation and non-rotation. The connection methods are divided into fixed and swing types. orange peel grapple’s first choice for HMB, mechanical non-rotating grab bucket adopts excavator bucket cylinder tubing, no need to add hydraulic valve block and pipeline. A set of hydraulic valve blocks and pipelines should be added to the rotary grab for control.

三、The main product features of The orange peel grapple:

  • The main body is made of special steel, which has good performance, lighter texture, greater gripping power, and low weight with its lotus grip;

  • The cushioning device is installed in the lotus oil cylinder to realize the shock absorption function during the operation;

    In fact, in addition to The orange peel grapple, there are many other types of grippers and engineering application machinery. You need to consider your own on-site engineering environment in the selection process


1.Excavation of foundation pits, deep pit excavation and loading of mud, sand, coal, and gravel for building foundations.

2.Excavate and load on one side of the trench or restricted space.

3.Loading, unloading, stacking and transshipment of scrap steel, loose scrap, wood, ballast and other materials in iron and steel enterprises, ports, wharves, railway ports, freight yards, stock yards, etc.

五、Product advantages:

  • Compared with products in the same industry, the orange peel grapple designed and produced by our company has higher work efficiency and easier maintenance. It is made of highly wear-resistant steel and is mainly used for solid materials with higher hardness, such as concrete, and various scrap steels.

  • It adopts hydraulic motor direct drive mode and is driven by the excavator's own working pressure. It is a mobile and economical grasping equipment, which can be loaded and unloaded anytime and anywhere, and is easier to maintain and economical.

六、Tips for operating the orange Peel grab

  •   Avoid lifting from hard surfaces

  •  Grab material from the most central point

  •  Use grabs only for appropriate applications

   Orange peel grabs are particularly suitable for almost all objects, including moving demolition materials, long beams and car bodies. Manufacturers have designed dozens of excavator and crane accessories for specific reasons. If you try to make the accessory work for things it shouldn't do, you may damage the accessory or cause an accident. In other words, you should not try to use the orange peel to do things that it shouldn't do.

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