German KKK turbocharger is introduced

by:HMB     2021-02-06
Germany KKK turbocharger company was founded in 1774, casting production began in 1847, in 1899 formally established a KKK, it is a subsidiary of the Mercedes, is the world's famous turbine and turbocharger manufacturer. The KKK and Schwetzer are incorporated into the berg warner ( BorgWarner) Company, and the two countries are Germany and the United States. KKK introduced variable exhaust turbine back pressure type system: large variable exhaust valve, low speed when the valve closed, the engine has good torque; High speed region valve open, and can get a higher power output. This unique design brings superior effect, is really amazing. KKK type is numerous, but the basic can be divided into K03, K04, K16, K24, K26, K27, etc. , the greater the number, said into the air volume is larger. Behind the same type, the greater the number of additional, high speed on the horsepower.
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