General! Carter excavator arm can work to how to repair

by:HMB     2021-01-28
A fault phenomenon, excavator arm can't force of excavator through lifting force and the big arm wasn't big arm slowly. Second, excavator arm can't force the reasons are: 1, rotating motor oil seal is damaged. 2, the hydraulic oil is too dirty, oil pipe is blocked. 3, distributor total pressure valve failure. 4, hydraulic oil is not enough, or is the oil temperature is too high to excavator arm can not force phenomenon. 5, hydraulic pump failure. 6, tubing for leaks. 7, excavator engine provides the motive power is too low in excavator arm can't force phenomenon. 8, multi-way valve failure. 9, distributing valve leakage ( Might be dead, the total relief valve core or the clearance between the valve stem and valve body is too big, or pressure regulating spring is damaged, it is possible that within the valve seal damage, etc. ) , it is possible to cause a large excavator arm force phenomenon. Within 10, working pump leakage. 11, walking control valve oil seal is damaged, or walking control valve spring damage are likely to cause a large excavator arm no power failure occurs. Three, excavator arm can't force how to repair: 1, check the oil plug: remove the tubing, remove the big arm slide valve body, valve stem and related parts for cleaning, clean the oil way and use compressed air to blow dry. 2, check the oil leak: leakage of hydraulic system is commonly in use after a period of time. Look from the surface, to seal failure, damage, or sealing surface caused by strain, etc. The main reasons are: the oil pollution, improper seal surface roughness, sealing groove is unqualified, loose coupling, with a clearance increases, the oil temperature is too high, and poor sealing ring spoiled or assembly, etc. Leakage is divided into internal leakage and external leakage, usually failure is mainly caused by internal leakage. Internal leakage fault handling: the ministry part leakage is mainly produced in movable arm slide valve and oil tank leakage. Internal leakage mainly occurs within the body and cylinder and not easy to check. But we can use some auxiliary method to judge the leakage. 3, on the arm cylinder inspection: when the big arm oil cylinder piston after receiving the bottom, remove the rodless cavity tubing, the big arm cylinder rod continue oil filled cavity. If the rodless cavity tubing mouth have a lot of work oil leaking, leakage within the hydraulic cylinder happened; Also can make the bucket full load, lifting to the limit position, the big arm lever on the median, and make the engine flameout, observe the sinking speed of big arm; Then, will the big arm lever in the up position, if at this moment the sinking speed significantly speed up the big arm, also shows that leakage occurred in the hydraulic cylinder; If the sinking speed change is not obvious, the leak because of the big arm slide valve.
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