Frequent excavator parts of hydraulic system failure? For the problem is the key!

by:HMB     2021-01-17

excavator parts of hydraulic system failure will make the bosses at a loss, as the excavator hydraulic system is the most important part, in normal construction give play to the important role of the torque transmission. The faults of hydraulic system characterized by concealment, if you don't look hard to find!

actually, excavator attachments of hydraulic system failure reasons, more than 70% are caused by the impurity in the hydraulic oil too much, and lead to excessive foreign matter in the hydraulic oil is closely related to the parts, exactly what it is, small make up this will unveil its mysterious veil!

1。 The hydraulic oil filter

said few words, let's meet every time in dealing with the impurity in the hydraulic oil components & ndash; — The hydraulic oil filter. Hydraulic oil filter is equal to the blood of the liver, in excavator accessories hydraulic systems have the effect of hydraulic oil filter impurities, protect the service life of hydraulic components, to prevent wear and failure such as card.

in simple terms, the existence of the hydraulic oil filter itself is a double-edged sword, if pure product filter, by filtering impurities can protect the hydraulic system components, but on the contrary, if you use the hydraulic oil filter, fake goods consequences not filter out impurities so simple really, serious hydraulic system components will follow & other; Suffer & throughout; 。

so the question is followed, ordinary excavator users do not have the professional identification ability, how can you identify the purchase of filter true or false?

2。 Pure product & amp; Knockoffs

counterfeit and authentic filter while the same appearance, but in the process of making filter fake goods bonded filter paper adhesive ooze, too little glue, glue has bubbles will leak, impurity drops into the excavator parts of hydraulic system, which caused by the wear of hydraulic parts, cause a series of excavator action of failure.

pure product filter paper is paper clip to fix, and use of fake goods is adhesive, use of glue will fall off into the hydraulic system.

filter material in the filter paper, pure product filter paper is thinner, and counterfeit filter paper is coarser, not blocking impurities into the system, and imitation compared to pure product, filtering performance is poor, not only its own impurities will fall off, finally will shorten the service life of excavator attachments.

the hydraulic oil filter after crushing strength tests, you can see that broken imitation filter pressure deformation, impurities will also go into the hydraulic system. The pure product is sturdy, filtering impurities is higher, stronger reliability, the excavator parts have very good protection effect.

excavator accessories hydraulic parts fault common reason is that there's a foreign body in the hydraulic oil cylinder, recommended to the formal business purchase quality goods, guard against fake!

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