, four supporting carter piston, excavator parts, engine overhaul

by:HMB     2021-01-22
Carter excavators engine oil into the water that is one of the common faults. Some return can directly from the oil color, smell, can see come out. If not handled in time after oil water can cause carter accessories to serious damage, such as pull cylinder tile and so on other serious fault, some owners because do not pay attention to, will only let the engine overhaul or even the engine are discarded. So keep water away from the oil we want to keep in mind. Some owners or just learn carter excavators soon lad, don't know how to judge whether the oil into the water, into the water and don't know how to find the cause of the water; Today small make up teach you some method. A, let's open the carter excavators engine oil on the feet, take a look at the engine oil contains water amount is larger, the oil of the oil level will rise. This time we can judged by oil, oil once the moisture content is too high, so the lubricating oil level would be beyond the scope of oil foot mark. 2, the color appearance of the engine oil can also see whether carter excavators engine oil into the water, this is easy to distinguish, just understand the oil, no water cut of oil are commonly translucent oily bright color, however, contain the water is opaque brown; If we don't know, you can take a little bit of new oil have a look at, and then put some water inside, so you know your carter excavators have oil into the water. The above method are small make up will come out to the masses of the craftsman, experience more chefs is sensitive to these things, as long as careful check before starting the good every day, this will greatly reduce the carter excavators in fault. Found the problem fault will handle in time so you can guarantee to carter excavators to reduce the probability of failure to the lowest.
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