Four steps to excavator accessories like new condition

by:HMB     2021-01-13

just like people need body check regularly to keep fit, excavator parts also need regular maintenance, which helps to improve the work efficiency and prolong the service life of the machine. Say simply, five steps to reduce your excavator parts machine failure rate and increase its normal running time.

1。 Work to check the hydraulic oil

the hydraulic oil is the blood of the machine, can affect the whole hydraulic system. Unqualified hydraulic oil can reduce the working efficiency of the equipment, and even damages to the excavator parts. And the time it takes for troubleshooting and will cost far more than the time spent on maintenance and cost. The hydraulic oil should be replaced periodically and filtering to remove contaminants, reduce the wear and tear of excavator attachments of hydraulic components, so as to achieve maximum efficiency.

2。 Clean excavator parts filters and radiator

filter and radiator is to avoid system an important part of a pollution and prevent the machine from overheating. When dirty or completely blocked filters or radiator can directly affect the performance and the damage to the sensitive element. Therefore, keep the filters and radiator clean and complete can greatly reduce the excavator parts failure.

3。 Check the engine

engine is equal to the heart of the machine, it provides energy for the machine. Check engine parts should be paid attention to when the external structure, loading and discharge standards. Clean the qualified fuel is necessary condition of engine running smoothly. Inferior fuel will make the engine wear and sintering.

4。 Check excavator accessories overall performance

overall performance check is to check and record the machine running data, analysis and forecast possible failure. Overall performance data including the maximum and minimum speed, action speed, working pressure, etc.

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