Five minutes, excavator parts daily maintenance skills

by:HMB     2021-01-14
Excavator working after a certain period, must make a big maintenance. If in the daily inspection on delicate excavator parts replacement after downtime, life will be lengthened excavator. Today with excavator accessories manufacturers, five minutes, excavator parts daily maintenance skills.

check parts excavator parts after the excavator stopped down, carefully check the fastening excavator parts, bolts, bearings tile with or without a screw loose by gear meshing and lubrication condition, as well as the bearing, power plant, control system, the brake, reducer, segments, basic parts, cable, wire rope, bucket tooth parts such as presence of abnormal wear and tear. Ask at run time, attention should be paid to the motor ( Engine) Operation, mechanical transmission, Yi pressure transmission) And brake system, control system, cooling fan, lighting and signal such as presence of anomalies. All sorts of problems in the inspection to discover in time, handle in time.

clean excavator parts excavator by mechanical and electrical parts are often keep clean, prevent dust and foreign bodies in the internal. Regularly clean and wipe, not only for early detection of the ministries fault is good, and can improve the driver operation conditions, extend the life of the machine used. Fixed oil change interval in the correct time interval for an oil change, is to make transmission excavator attachments to get the key to the longest service life. To ensure the reasonable oil change interval is the only way to make the lubricating oil lubrication and protection features. In general should be based on the machine manufacturer recommended maintenance cycle, but this is only relative, must be combined with sample extraction analysis results, to know the actual working condition. Such as required in the maintenance manual transmission oil change interval is 500 h, we according to the running status of loader, every 250 h and 100 h to a sampling analysis of sample, to decide when to change oil, but the lubricating oil should be replaced immediately when using 1000 h. In addition to the regular replacement of new oil, in the usual checks, if discover oil metamorphism or mixed with impurities, also should wash checks, and replace the new oil.

right row, drain oil change method, the oil temperature should reach 40 ~ 50 ℃, and the oil flow should be in the case of agitation emissions, as far as possible complete emptying of dirty oil; Come on, have a filter unit should be used to add oil tanker. Use the correct oil transmission system, the gearbox used lubricating oil must conform to the specifications. Should note that diesel engine oil can not be added to the transmission, because diesel engine oil can reduce friction between moving parts, such as piston and transmission oil to make between the friction plate in combination with some friction, the friction force is very important to the normal work of the drive system. Only the correct use of lubricating oil, can effectively prolong the working life of the clutch friction plate. At the same time, the oil correctly, can significantly improve the gear abrasion resistance, eliminate the phenomenon of clutch slippage, tremors and sound control brake, increase the braking force, provide greater traction. The most used hydraulic transmission oil at present, the gearbox is 6 #, 8 # hydraulic transmission oil.

reference manuals provide timely replacement filter replacement filter cycle, at the same time cleaning sieve, magnet plug, oil discharge vent plug, according to the standard filling amount of lubricating oil. If the transmission oil viscosity is too large, can cause the gearbox transmission efficiency is low, liquidity is bad, bad heat dissipation, and in high speed relative motion between the parts of possible local dry friction, bad lubrication; If the transmission oil viscosity is too small, can increase the leakage, causing transmission control oil pressure is too low, the formation of faults, the load is bigger between the driving part of the oil film strength is not enough, cause the driving part of early wear and tear, and therefore bad lubrication. At the same time, as a result of the gear in the gearbox in the normal work of oil will produce a small amount of bubbles, in order to prevent bubble is piling up, produce cavitation phenomenon, lead to decrease the thickness of oil film which affects the transmission clutch and its control valve inside work, transmission oil must have anti foaming properties.

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