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by:HMB     2021-01-29
Hydraulic filters for installation in different pressure on the pipeline, so the structure is different. 1, oil suction filter, hereinafter referred to as oil suction filter installed in the pump suction pipe segment, first of all, it must ensure that large amount of small resistance, carrying and jams long service life. As long as it can ensure the pump not frayed, early in the filter area and mesh as far as possible. General use woven mesh or wire winding materials made of the filter. Additional parts are the main magnetic steel, to help filter adsorption magnetic particles in the oil. 2, pressure pipe high pressure filter pressure for short pipe high pressure filter and its structure is better than a few complex oil suction filter structure, it consists of a filter, filter cartridge, cartridge, if necessary with by-pass valve, transmission device and the last chance for filters. Last chance filter is when filter blockage, the bypass valve can open the channels of the oil from the last chance to filter through, the filter material aperture than it outside of the main filter. 3, oil filter, oil filter for short in modern hydraulic system design, it's the second half of the body at the end of every place son within the tank. In engineering machinery hydraulic system, because the oil return filter workload is big, low pressure, oil return filter design are shell is larger, the import and export of large size, shell materials are mostly light aluminum alloy materials, precision of the filter material in mostly tend to melt high-accuracily over the years, even someone claim system in the oil return line only set back to the oil filter, but now not seen convincing experiments. Return oil filter is primarily prevent working system and the external invasion of impurity particles back to the fuel tank, free because they then oil pump and the wear and tear of harm. It is sometimes in the gas as fuel filter. 4 air filter, fuel tank is mainly to prevent external invasion of pollution. Selection of filter material is glass fiber, cotton, ie wood fiber and polyester fiber. They belong to a depth of filtering, has the strong particles adsorption capacity. Air filter in the tank oil reciprocating cycle, both to protect the hydraulic system to work properly, and to ensure the oil clean from outside invasion particles harm, make the system components prolong the working life.
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