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by:HMB     2021-01-13

is expected in February sales nearly ten thousand m

excavator accessories manufacturers, according to the industry chain research situation is expected to nearly 10000 excavator sales in February. Among them, the domestic market sales of about 8000 m, export sales are expected to more than 1000 units. Slightly less sales in February from a year earlier, the main is the Spring Festival in the middle of February, the overall construction is relatively light. From January - Aggregate, in February from a year ago, sales of 19078 units are big growth probability.

data show that all kinds of mining machinery products total sales in January 10687, up 135% year-on-year, exceed market expectations. Since 2017, the excavator market continues to boom, year accumulative total sales of all kinds of mining machinery products more than 140000 units, year-on-year increase of 99. 5%, become the history of 2011 years, 2010 years after the third peak. Full-year 2017 excavator sales growth is more than eight months or close to 100%.

excavator sales than expected growth continuously, demand mainly comes from mining recovery, urbanization and new rural construction continued to pull, and a large stock of equipment update.

excavator accessories manufacturers think, before and after 2010, sales of construction machinery will be around 2018 intensive update cycle; Superposition of steady increase of downstream demand, update the demand, effectively promote the main engineering machinery sales year-on-year growth.

excavator attachments said, 3, 4 month season excavator sales are expected to continue more than expected. Agent according to the feedback of orders, the Spring Festival after the project starts continue at the end of last year's big probability hot condition. According to the communication with makers, each brand agents, preliminary estimate sales in March year-on-year growth at 30% 50%, that month will be sold in more than 2. 70000 - 30000, and sharply raised expectations may exist.

industry concentration ascending

shandong excavator attachments that excavator sales in 2018 is expected to exceed 160000 units, engineering machinery sales is expected to remain 15% The growth rate of 20%. Excavator sales more than expected in advance, truck crane, concrete machinery sales increment is expected benefits conduction, lag of about 1 - 3 months.

global engineering machinery demand a cyclical recovery. After four years of global industry downturn, 2017 caterpillar in many major markets around the world achieve growth.

under this background, the domestic construction machinery leading enterprise expansion of globalization.

excavator accessories manufacturers, 2018 will be the domestic engineering machinery leading overseas expansion the turning point of the year, sany heavy industry, xugong group construction machinery leading enterprises overseas layout into the harvest. The global market, leading enterprises overseas revenue is expected to achieve faster growth.

mechanical estimates that in 2017 net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies, up to 1 billion yuan 10. 500 million yuan. Xugong, said a restorative growth in the industry, the company seize the opportunity, both at home and abroad market power in an all-round way.

concentration rising domestic construction machinery industry, lays the foundation for the leading enterprises in global expansion. In a few years ago the industry adjustment, small and medium-sized construction machinery enterprises, weaker foreign engineering machinery enterprises to be being washed out gradually, leading enterprises market share continue to improve. Sany excavator in the domestic market share from 14% in 2013 to 22% in 2017. speculated that as the industry, leading enterprises in a rapid increase in production volume.

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