Failure analysis: excavator slewing bearing why have sound?

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Can be moved around in excavator work without turning device, slewing bearing is an important part of the slewing mechanism. Excavator slewing bearing is mainly used for supporting the body quality and work under load, the part also the excavator prone to failure. As a result of the excavator slewing bearing is generally in the big work load conditions, coupled with the excavator working conditions are bad, slewing bearing is easy to fail, the most common is appear all sorts of different loud noise. That in the event of a sound, be what reason is caused? Malfunction and what to do? First of all need to be clear, in the factory soon rotary bearing idling, emits an uniform noise of ball rolling, this belongs to the normal noise; Tiny sound just appeared shortly after installation, if it doesn't matter, in turn the running-in after a period of time tend to disappear. We said today's voice is bigger and more particularly, to hear the noise of the special requires attention. Installed first, surface rough, bolt looseness in the event of a sound, the need is for installation operation, when installing a surface roughness can not meet the requirements, can lead to negative clearance groove formed, resulting in a sound; When the little gear mesh, also may produce sound, which would have caused the broken teeth of fault; In addition, when the installation is loose, resulting in rotary bearing elastic deformation, deformation produces negative gap location, need to check immediately the bolt as required. And second, foreign body when slewing bearing slewing bearing internal has the foreign body, such as sand, iron filings, non periodic vibration will happen, at the same time also with fault rotation is not flexible. When encounter this kind of situation, need to bearing, axis, before installation hole and all parts match the strict clean, cleared of lubricant inside the foreign body; Remember to avoid the use of material is not pure or foreign bodies are embedded plastic cage, this can be done to remove the corresponding sound. Third, the problems caused by the grease sound excavator slewing bearing with grease lubrication, sound is likely because lubrication problem. Common causes of roll passage for lack of grease, grease filling uneven, the poor quality of aging, lubricants selection error, etc. To solve the problem, need to use a suitable lubricant, filling in time, change in time will be able to solve. Fourth, sealing strip breakage caused by sound check seals wear, because the rotary bearing structure of the sealing strip plays an key role in sealing, sealing strip and rotary bearing not fully fit when, easy cause leakage of grease. In addition sealing strip material's resistance to aging and yellow oily, is another issue to consider. Fifth, crack, indentation, or corrosion caused by the sound when the rotary bearing rolling surface such as crack, indentation, or rust, also heard like rivet rivet periodic vibration, scars on the channel occurred in a row, scars on the ball, and the noise with the installation and lubrication condition and have certain changes. When the method is to install the liberation not tap on a bearing or using high viscosity of the grease. Sixth, serious wear and tear of raceway and rolling element excavator appeared in the process of turning sound, is likely to be severe wear of rotary bearing raceway and rolling element, this time is need of slewing bearing for repair.
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