Excavators tank cleaning up three small way!

by:HMB     2021-01-30
Excavator maintenance experience of machine Lord knows, in add and replace the oil tank should be clean it first, the residual oil and impurities. So, about the excavators tank impurity cleaning method, small make up here want to chat with you three of the most common kind of sewage disposal method. Purge method retain part of the residual oil at the bottom of the tank, a plastic tube to 19. 6 ~ 29. 4 kpa of compressed air into the bottom of the tank, the tank oil produce back, in the process should be constantly move the trachea end position, make whole fully flush the tank. When flush the tank will be immediately after the oil discharge, often should repeat the above action for two to three times, until the tank release oil clear. Steam method will be to empty the oil tank to remove and infuse a box under the water tank. Then, take a catheter refueling down into the tank inside, the steam through the catheter into the tank inside, make the tank water boiling. Keep the tank of water boiling state about an hour later, extraction steam conduit, water emptying the tank. Due to moisture inside the tank will meet high temperature boiling situations of colloid impurities and oil flushing and floating on the surface of the water, with water emptying the dirt away. With & other; Blowing method & throughout; Same, repeat this action for two to three times, until the discharge water tank clean, cleared as a fuel tank. Solvent to clean inside the tank with hot water, then use compressed air to blow dry it. The purpose of this action is to eliminate oil vapor in the fuel tank. When steam after eliminating contain 10% naoh aqueous solution to thoroughly clean the tank inside, then wash them with water, for internal and external tank clean, as is clean. The above three methods of excavator oil tank cleaning you learned? In daily excavator maintenance operation, the choice of a suitable tank maintenance way, add a luster to your love machine!
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