Excavators have noise, do not drag, timely repair!

by:HMB     2021-01-14
People feel uncomfortable, want to see a doctor in time, lest dragged into a serious illness. Excavators, too, when you heard a noise excavator, must be timely to fix, don't want to finish the work to say again, this is likely to cause excavator parts of damage or loss. Follow the excavator attachments to see below, excavator and noise?

1, the noise of the hydraulic cylinder oil mixed with air or air line do not completely in the hydraulic cylinder, under the effect of high pressure to produce cavitation caused larger noise. At this point, must be timely exhaust air. 2, cylinder head, oil seal too tight or piston rod bending, also in the process of movement due to suppress strong noise. At this point, must be timely replacement of excavator parts oil seal or alignment of the piston rod.

the pipe bend pipe die too much noise or fixed clamp loose can also produce vibration and noise. , therefore, should try to avoid dead turn on piping layout, to loosen the clamp must be tight.

the overflow valve of the overflow valve is easy to produce the high frequency noise, mainly caused by pilot valve performance is not stable, namely as the guide valve cavity pressure high-frequency oscillation caused by air before the vibration and noise. The main reason is: 1, the oil mixed with air, in front of the pilot valve cavity formation of cavitation caused the high frequency noise. At this point, should be timely to do back into the air and prevent the outside air. 2, excavator attachments of the needle valve in the process of use due to frequent open excessive wear, make needle valve cone and the seat cannot be closed, the guide flow instability, produce pressure fluctuation caused by noise, should be timely repair or replacement at this time. 3, pilot valve for spring fatigue deformation destabilize its regulating function, makes the pressure fluctuations caused big noise, spring should be changed at this time.

the noise of the plunger pump or motor 1, empty phenomenon is one of the main reasons for the high noise of hydraulic pump. When mixed with air in the oil, easy to form in the high cavitation, and in the form of pressure wave propagation, causing oil oscillation, cause the system to produce cavitation noise. The main reasons are: 1) Hydraulic oil filter, oil inlet blockage or the oil viscosity is too high, can cause high vacuum pump inlet place, make the air infiltration. 2) Hydraulic pump, the forerunner of pump shaft end seal damage, or into the tubing seal bad, cause air to enter. 3) Fuel tank oil level is too low, make the hydraulic pump suction air inlet pipe directly. When the hydraulic pump work in high noise, shall, first of all, the above parts for inspection, found that the problem handled in time. 2, hydraulic pump internal excavator attachments excessive wear, such as plunger pump valve plate, piston and cylinder and plunger hole assemblies, such as wear, strain, causes the hydraulic pump leakage is serious, when the hydraulic pump output pressure, small flow oil will produce flow pulsation, high noise. At this point can be appropriately increase the Angle of pilot system variable mechanism, in order to improve the effect of leakage on the pump output flow within.

hydraulic pump flow of servo valve core, control of the piston will be partial wear, strain, make fluctuation in the process of moving piston, hydraulic pump output flow and pressure fluctuations, thus have great vibration and noise in the pump outlet. At this time to wear, severe injury of excavator parts for brush plating bedding-in or replacement processing. 3, hydraulic pump valve plate is easy to cause one of the important components of noise. Valve plate in use for surface wear or sludge sedimentation in unloading slot open place, will make the unloading groove short and change the position of unloading, the trapped oil phenomena, which in turn lead to higher noise. In normal and replacement process, the new structure of flat grinding tinkering will appear shorter unloading groove consequences, at this point, if not timely appropriate slender, it will also produce large noise. In the process of assembly, with big unloading chute flow plate must be installed in the pump high pressure cavity, and pointed the direction and the cylinder rotate to must be relative, otherwise will bring bigger noise system. Excavator hydraulic system is a complex system composed of many excavator parts, its maintenance difficulty is much bigger than the mechanical transmission, construction units generally lack of the hydraulic system monitoring and maintenance of equipment, so the correct judgment and exclusion of excavator hydraulic system failure, is the important guarantee of excavator efficient safety work. 【 Mechanical 】 Some information from the Internet, and strive to secure timely, accurate, aims to deliver more information, does not represent the views or responsibility for their authenticity. If this net reprint information involves the issues such as copyright, please contact with this net.

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