Excavators fuel specifications - Dou shaft manufacturer

by:HMB     2021-01-12

fuel oil is the blood of the excavator, provide power for excavators. Linqing bucket axis in order to ensure your excavator run smoothly, need to pay attention to the following points.

1。 Bucket shaft manufacturers think in extreme conditions, such as high pressure, high temperature, engine and hydraulic equipment of fuel deteriorating at runtime.

2。 Often use recommended fuel linqing bucket axis, applies under extreme temperature environment.

3。 At the specified fuel oil change interval, the fuel must be replaced, bucket axis think even if it is not dirty.

4。 In order to prevent water, metal particles and impurities such as dust, should be careful to deal with lubricant.

5。 The machine failure is mainly caused by impurities. When stored or filling fuel, should pay special attention to prevent any impurities.

6。 Fill the specified amount of fuel. Bucket axis merchants think that if you do not, may lead to abnormal.

7。 Bucket axis reminded not to different levels or different brands of fuel mix together.

8。 When your work device of fuel by water or air pollution, contact your dealer.

9。 In order to understand the situation of the machine, it is recommended to use the conventional fuel oil quality analysis.

10。 Related to the filter replacement fuel, it must be replaced. When fuel filter element replacement excavator bucket axis, acceptable clean fuel should inject new filter before installation.

11。 Do not use unapproved hydraulic oil, it can stop filter cartridges.

12。 In replacement of hydraulic oil, shaft as far as possible from the rest of the fuel pipe and the cylinder, a small amount of residual difference is acceptable.

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