Excavators fuel economy tips much know this article 10 is enough

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Fuel consumption is higher, the excavator users profit is tight and then less and less, how can not reduce task rate and mechanical use life under the premise of fuel economy, where the owner friends! Issue of concern. Excavator operation under the fuel-saving tricks are the result of long-term practice summarizes, sany dig pattern in our friends to share with everyone, according to the daily construction status to reference. Trick excavators fuel more than 10 must know 1. Avoid idling even in idling engine, hydraulic pump inside so there will be in the cycle and cost of fuel oil. Hypothesis 1 day 10 hours of work in an hour is in idle, so if can avoid idling, each year about 230 litres of fuel to throttle. So, in the process of daily loading or mining, can be a long time stop halfway, try not to open the machine idle & other; Wait & throughout; 。 2. Avoid overloading off pressure overload when digging sand or stone, dig the opportunity to fall off the pressure form. Hypothesis 1 day 10 hours of work in six minutes to drop pressure form, so, if you can avoid pressure, can throttle around 840 litres of diesel per year. A shovel handle is not the problem, can be divided into two down, otherwise it takes organization, and fuel consumption, penny wise and pound foolish. 3. Engine revs the engine throttle on economic shift position, is to reduce the engine speed will affect the work, but can significantly reduce fuel consumption, improve the efficiency of burnup. 4. Spiral Angle decrease when to dump trucks loaded spiral Angle can shorten operation cycle, add the unit of work within the work, and then improve the efficiency of burnup. This is! Useful a fuel efficient way. 5. Walk to reduce the engine speed engine speed faster, the more fuel is consumed when walking. 6. Implementation of high mining excavator operation platform and trucks with high or slightly tall, is! Effective. 7. When the bucket cylinder and connecting rod, rod oil cylinder and fights the stem are 90 degrees each cylinder pushing excavator power! Big. A start digging, don't put the arm stretched to! A big scope, from around 80% effect. Good. 8. Bucket rod scope of digging bucket rod from the distal to the inside of the 45 degrees Angle of 30 degrees. Due to excavation depth and slightly different, but generally within the scope of the operating arm and bucket, and the stroke of cylinder shouldn't operate to the end. 9. When trenching operations dig digging groove on both sides of the first, then the middle part of mining. So digging the middle can save a lot of things, also ShengJin. 10. The smaller the mining depth, mining economy, the better as far as possible when using sublevel mining approach. Is divided into three layer 3 mining, if a scratch from a lower to first range increased, and secondly excavator power because the scope of the increase is reduced, to reduce the working efficiency, it takes a lot of oil. More excavator maintenance technology, drivers, application fields, etc. Please visit the trinity excavator repair and maintenance center, buy excavator to realize drivers price concessions, sany heavy industry drivers on the official website, sany quality change the world. The original link
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