Excavators digging skill books

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Digging is one of the most main work drivers, today, to share in digging work, five secrets on how to improve the work efficiency. 1, when digging in general is given priority to with bucket rod oil cylinder, with movable arm oil cylinder is complementary, the Angle of the bucket tooth should be based on the arm, to adjust the path of the bucket teeth must be 'plug' in the grave, rather than 'film' in the grave. In certain depth to finish, the arm. So, it is a perfect digging action. 2, if it is along the edge dig a soil, the soil is hard, it's best to just two or three bucket teeth cut soils, were dug up again. So that we can effectively improve the working efficiency of the whole. 3, in the loading or other pay attention to the efficiency of operations, each bucket digging must be dug up, filed after digging bucket, try to stop all other action, only alone to do cyclotron, such cyclotron motion will be the fastest speed. 4, rotates in digging bucket is not level, but slightly open, so as not to make the soil because of its inertia from the bucket back, when unloading soil open dou will be faster. 5, when unloading soil, must not all action pour the soil by driving the bucket, but in open at the same time, using the moment arm recovery conveniently will be faster soil thrown open again.
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