Excavators can't start? 9 let your drivers fly

by:HMB     2021-01-25
Many reasons out of an excavator, circuit, small make up the cause of most out of the car are the cause of the circuit. So how to determine is circuit causes not car? Circuit failure out of the car in turned on the ignition switch no reaction or start motor speed is too low, can feel the feeling weak. If it is appear out of the two phenomena that can be roughly determined to be a fault starting circuit, then, how to troubleshoot? Second, check the battery pile head check circuit can begin from fountainhead, first check the battery pile head, clean up the storage battery pile head, again the pile head screw tight tight, small make up out of the car several times before because battery pile head is loose, lead to poor contact, the voltage is not enough. Conditional owners can use the multimeter voltage test battery voltage. If the battery is not fault, the next step is to check line down the battery line to check it again, observe whether there is a broken line or connector is loose. Third, check the relay box of fuse box and then began to check the starter relay and fuse box, check whether the joint is loose open relay box, and then open the fuse box check whether start-up circuit the fuse is burnt out. Start motor or generator fault, of course, can also lead to out of a car, among them, the generator failure can lead to a generator to power generation, battery power can't be added, leading to start the motor speed is low or not. Four, oil in addition to the cause of the circuit, oil is also a common cause of no car, so, how do you judge oil failure is out of the car? If in unscrewed the start-up key can hear very powerful start motor, and the engine was not the voice of the abnormal mechanical friction, so can roughly be judged to be the cause of the oil. Direct injection of car oil check than circuit is simple, for some of the electronically controlled high pressure common rail engine check is more complicated. Generally available from the following steps to check. Five, check whether there is enough fuel tank first checks whether there is oil, incredible guys might think this step, but in fact, because there was no oil tank and out of the car users. Oil well car can be observed through the oil tank of oil, but small make up recommend at this time is the best way to fuel tank oil level gauge or open the cap to check whether there is enough fuel tank, oil meter, after all, also will be failure. Six, oil-water separator in determining the water tank has enough after ignition of diesel, the next step is to oil-water separator, in fact, many owners do not every day to the habit of oil-water separator drain, if just use the product quality is not high, they may be due to diesel too much water to be launched. Oil-water separator generally have red buoy, the buoy density between diesel water, so they will float on the surface of the water and in diesel, when observing oil-water separator buoys in the middle, to timely unscrewed the oil-water separator at the bottom of the drain bolt draining water, this is so for each oil-water separator. Seven, too much water in the exclusion of diesel engine exhaust air after reason, if it is not in the car next to check whether diesel mixed with air, first find the location of the hand pump, different brand launched a machinist pump installation position is different, have a plenty of installed near the diesel pump, have a plenty of plus electronic pump so you don't need to manually exhaust air, machinist currently sold in most mining above pump installed in the oil-water separator, deflated bolt next to let go of screw pump, according to the hand pump with the hand, until the deflated bolt out all diesel, deflated bolt tightening up completes the exhaust air work. In general, check the circuit and the oil can be a car, if this time still no car, it's time to think the mechanical reason. Eight, mechanical failure if after inspection found circuit and oil are no problem, then it is possible that the engine produces mechanical failure. General diesel engine mechanical failure probability is low, but in the event of mechanical failure is faced to overhaul engine, common a drawing cylinder engine mechanical failure, tile burning, dao cylinder, etc. , in general engine mechanical problems are precursors, such as engine suddenly unable to running in normal operation, or the total smoke and have a sound operating and so on. Nine, overhaul engine mechanical failure is happened when the engine work more, cold car starts a lower mechanical problems, and general excavator engine mechanical problems require hoisting engine repairs and dismantling, suggest to your after-sales department or professional engine maintenance personnel for repair.
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