Excavators can't fire, check the oil

by:HMB     2021-01-19

excavators can't fire is a headache for drivers, his master, but also not stem worried, analysis, check whether the cause of the oil, excavator accessories manufacturers to introduce detailed steps and methods for everyone. If turned on after the start-up key can hear the sound of the very hard and start the motor rotation, and engine no abnormal sound mechanical friction, can be roughly as oil fault occurs.

check whether there is enough fuel first checks whether there is oil tank. Normally we were identified by the monitor on residual oil tank volume, but under special circumstances, excavator attachments small make up recommend by tank oil scale or open observe whether there is enough of diesel oil.

oil-water separator in determining the water tank has enough after ignition of diesel, the next step is to observe the oil-water separator. Master some drivers in the process of using the equipment do not have the habit of the oil-water separator drain every day, at this time if you use the product quality is not high, it may be too much water for diesel and cannot be started. Oil-water separator is generally have red buoy, buoy density between diesel oil and water, so will float on the surface of the water and at the bottom of the diesel. Observe if the buoy in the middle, the oil-water separator to timely unscrewed the oil-water separator at the bottom of the drain bolt draining water.

too much water in the exclusion of diesel engine exhaust air after reason, if still can't for the equipment on fire, the next step of work will need to check whether in diesel oil mixed with air. First find the location of the hand pump, most of the mining machinist above pump installed in the oil-water separator, deflated bolt next to let go of screw pump, according to the hand pump with the hand, until the deflated bolt out all diesel, then deflated bolt tightening completes the exhaust air work.

through the above three steps was finished oil check, if check circuit and the oil or not on fire, at this point, the device that there might be a mechanical failure, then you need to look for professional maintenance personnel for repair replacement excavator attachments.

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