Excavators always high water temperature of what is going on

by:HMB     2021-01-23
Sorching summer, often change in the operation of the machine in high temperature. Excavator table shows excavator high water temperature? 1. Idle speed first. On hand to touch the temperature of the water and drain to judge the malfunction, if two pipe temperature difference is very big, can be jailed for thermostat is not working. Remove the thermostat, and check temperature of thermostat. 2. Check the engine fan check whether the fan belt is too loose, by hand press, up and down 1 cm distance. Check whether the fan blade is upside, the specification is correct ( Outside diameter size) , the blades are damaged or if there are serious deformation, are ruled out. 3. Disconnect the thermostat check under the condition of the water pump, open the tank cover, start the engine, hit the accelerator see whether the water cycle, such as not circulation, it shows that there is something wrong with the pump. 4. Check the coolant fluid level, check the cooling liquid is less obvious, such as less, right amount add. Check coolant metamorphism. Such as metamorphism, clear channel after the change of antifreeze. 5. Check for foreign bodies blocked water radiator, radiator air duct blockage, all to clean up. But after the engine flameout, from behind the water tank with compressed air blowing, with low pressure water flushing or remove the clean, to remove debris. Accumulation caused by mechanical damage, the heat sink or bonded together, due to poor heat dissipation. The solution is careful to heat sink with stalloy dial to the in situ, flat shape or replace the radiator fin. 6, check whether water temperature sensor and circuit short circuit or open circuit.
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