Excavator work efficiency reduce, mining weakness? These maintenance methods need to know!

by:HMB     2021-01-25
Excavator is a commonly used equipment in engineering excavation, in the event of failure, construction schedule will be affected, so the maintenance work of the excavator is very important. Is the purpose of repair and maintenance in order to maintain or improve equipment performance and technology on the implementation of activities, is to improve labor productivity, reduce production costs, avoid accidents and technological disasters. Repair and maintenance quality directly about equipment can normal and efficient work, is also to ensure trouble-free operation, often can make the equipment keep good running. The completion of tasks of mines depending on the equipment reliability and pipe, so mining equipment repair and maintenance work is particularly important. Excavator common faults in the process of operation and maintenance, excavator work efficiency to reduce 1) Excavator failure reasons in the process of operation, there may be difficult to improve work efficiency, work slower phenomena, the cause of the excavator working speed ratio decreased mainly created serious abrasion of the internal components of excavator, which results in the decrease of engine power, internal leakage occurred in the hydraulic system. When excavator work run after a certain period of time, the inside of the excavator hydraulic pump parts such as cylinder, piston, valve plate, nine orifice, turtle, such as wear and tear occurs, if excessive wear and tear, and equipment and of the various parameters would be coordinated, internal leakage caused by hydraulic system, results in a lack of traffic in the hydraulic pump, the oil temperature is too high, it makes the rate of excavator is reduced greatly. 2) Fault inspection maintenance for this fault, need to completely overhaul of the excavator, excavator maintenance staff to replace worn equipment spare parts. Particular attention is, if it weren't for long hours and the excavator working efficiency is slow, at this time to other aspects of excavator troubleshooting: (1) first examined the fuse of the excavator circuit and other relevant lines, judge whether there is a short circuit or open circuit; (2) the pilot pressure value of inspection equipment, observe whether it is normal; (3) check the servo control valve system ( Servo piston) Whether be jammed, check the distributor confluence is normal; (4) remove the hydraulic pump, measuring the relevant data, using the professional judge the actual situation of the excavator failure data analysis, and targeted for repair. 2, excavator digging to 1) The cause of the problem in mining is unable to shovel in the process of operation shows one of the typical fault. The fault is mainly has two forms: (1) excavator in the process of operation does not suppress the car engine, load is very light; (2) the shovel in the process of operation, when the movable arm or arm stretched out exactly, severely suppress the car engine, the most serious when can appear engine stalling phenomenon. 2) Fault inspection maintenance for excavator digging unable to specific analysis to specific issue. 吗? Mining weakness but don't hold back the car engine. Excavator power determined by the output pressure of main pump, the size of the car engine suppress depends on oil pump absorption of the relationship between torque and engine output torque. Don't hold back the car engine pump absorption torque is small, the engine load is not heavy. If there is no obvious abnormal excavator work speed, should review the maximum output of main pump pressure system namely the overflow pressure is normal. If the overflow pressure measurement value is equal to the specified value. Indicates that the hydraulic circuit overload overflow valve set point is not correct, cause premature overflow, the agency makes excavator mining in the process of operation of steam. For this kind of failure, by turning adjustment screw to adjust excavator can eliminate the fault. 吗? Mining is weak, and suppress the car engine. Suppress car shows that the absorption of oil pump engine torque is greater than the engine output torque, the excavator engine overload. This failure, maintenance personnel should check the engine speed sensor system is working correctly. After a thorough and meticulous inspection and troubleshooting, the engine speed sensor system restore normal function and suppress the car engine phenomenon disappears, digging force will return to normal. 3 excavator, excavator maintenance work is a complex of large equipment, in the process of production must be in strict accordance with the safety operating rules, and often seriously in maintenance. In daily work to do a good job of fine machine maintenance, is the important guarantee to keep the normal operation of excavator, reduce accidents. 1) On overall excavator maintenance maintenance work is mainly inspection, cleaning and add lubricants, specific content as follows:? Check and clean up the connection condition of the main parts and timely fastening; 吗? Check the rotary oil motor, rolling plate, reducer, oil pump drive, walking segments or of the place such as tire bolts and tighten in time; 吗? Eliminate oil leakage, leakage and the leakage phenomenon; Check the working device ground points joint looseness or seizure; 吗? Inspect and replace crack damage of bucket teeth, walk segments, etc. ; 吗? Check each part of the equipment housing, armrest and carport is safe and reliable; 吗? Check the electrical system connection point of contact information; 吗? Check whether the switch operating mechanism is flexible and reliable; 吗? Check the lubrication system and filling lubricant according to regulations;
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