Excavator with teach you turn excavator operation skills

by:HMB     2021-01-17
General driving excavator old drivers are mastered excavator operation skill of turning, introduce excavator excavator attachments small make up for the excavator small white today turning operation skills. Excavator turning action is to rely on the pump, hydraulic pump, every digger has one main hydraulic pump, the main hydraulic pump output pressure to push the hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump by the wheel reducer, final drive treads on both sides of the rotation. Excavator cab has two handles, one control a speed of about track, as long as the push handle to the two different position, so the running speed of the two tracks will be different, it has realized the turning excavator. Is done by side tracked the speed difference of turning, no steering wheel. Want to turn to the left, let the one on the right track to go forward more than the left track; Move forward either the right or left is not; Or the left back right motionless; Or the left back right forward. Each digger has a main hydraulic pump, the main hydraulic pump output pressure oil to push the hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump by the wheel reducer, final drive rotation. Such as a left turn: on the right track to go forward more than the left track specific operation: 1. Slowly loosen to open a joystick left track, 2 joystick, before pushing the right track, according to road conditions independently regulate speed, turn left to complete. Walking excavator, should as far as possible the work device of the fold and near the center of the body, to maintain stability; Put the final drive back to protect the final drive. As far as possible to avoid past obstacles such as tree stumps and rocks, prevent track distortion; If must be passed through obstacles, should ensure that caterpillar center on the obstacles. A mound, the device will always work with support chassis, in order to prevent the car body shaking even turn. Should avoid long time stop idle engine running on a steep slope, otherwise it will caused by the change of the oil level Angle and bad lubrication. Machine long walk, can make the roller and the final drive internal rotation to produce high temperature for a long time, the oil viscosity and poor lubrication, so often should stop cooling, prolong the life of the lower body excavator attachments. Forbidden to walk on the driving force of digging operations, or excessive load will lead to final drive, such as car parts early wear or damage. Walk uphill, drive wheel in the back, in order to increase touchdown crawler adhesion. Walk downhill, driving wheel before, and make the upper track tension, in order to prevent the parking car body under the action of gravity when the forward slip and cause danger. When walking on slopes, working device should be placed in the front to ensure safety, parking, insert the bucket gently into the ground, and stop on the tracks down. Walk on a steep slope, when turning speed should be slow down, turn left turn left back track, turn right turn the right track, back when the kiss can reduce the risk of turning on slope.

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