Excavator winter smoothly, excavator parts and peripheral maintenance, do you know?

by:HMB     2021-01-17
Cold winter has come, the activity of cold air is becoming more and more frequent, people started shivering, how much more our machines? So, excavator attachments and peripheral maintenance, in the winter assignments from time to tome what considerations do you know? Small make up to share, to ensure that your excavator well for the winter.

1 replacement of cooling water right before starting the excavator winter without preheating, or stop after the engine early or not to put the cooling water can cause the body heat bilges cold shrink, which may cause excavator parts fracture. The correct approach: before starting the excavator to refill of around 60 ℃ hot water for cooling system, later machine, such as temperature rise after restarting excavator; Excavator to idle run before stall, cooling water temperature dropped to below 60 ℃, remove water again. If early to put off the cooling water, the body in the cold air suddenly hit the higher temperature will produce snap-back, prone to crack. Residual water in the water when the body should be thoroughly, in order to avoid the freezing expansion, to make the body burst.

small make up recommend 2 accurately choose fuel excavator accessories: when the temperature was so low, all kinds of oil will become illiquid, viscosity, spray powder not easily, cause atomization, burning, engine can become difficult, then you need to change diesel oil with low viscosity. So the selection of diesel freezing point should be higher than the lowest environment temperature 5 ℃ to 10 ℃, can according to the local environment with low freezing point and motility of 0, 10 -, - 20 # light diesel oil.

3 correct selection of engine oil and hydraulic excavator winter construction, excavator attachments should choose to adapt to the local small make up recommend temperature viscosity lubricating oil, oil filter is replaced. And change to adapt to the local winter minimum temperature of hydraulic oil. Avoid consistency change caused by the hydraulic oil temperature is too low, mining opportunities operation no reaction or sudden rapid movement phenomenon.

4 to strengthen the body's heat preservation in winter construction is completed on the engine cover insulation curtain, heat preservation, cardboard block in front of the radiator to the wind when necessary; Some oil radiator mounted on the engine, should pull (switch to & other; Throughout the winter &; The position of the words, make the oil flows through the oil radiator; Excavator parked in the garage as far as possible. 5 pay attention to safety when excavator transitions in the snow to slow at a constant speed, avoid slip slide slope, make full use of the work device of the engine and vehicle ahead with resistance; Avoid down direction and the car suddenly swing, otherwise easy to produce the lateral sliding caused dangerous; When driving away from the surrounding obstacles as far as possible, avoid stopping block to knock against to the surroundings.

winter arrival, excavator attachments affected by cold air will make its function decline, necessary and timely maintenance, pay attention to using the operating methods, prompting excavators in winter to reduce failure.

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