Excavator winter maintenance of myth

by:HMB     2021-01-26
1, premature or not put water cooling water, may lead to serious consequences: crack of engine body burst or snap-back, before stall in idle running, with cooling water temperature dropped to below 60 ℃, water is not hot, remove water again. If early to put off the cooling water, the body in the cold air suddenly hit the higher temperature will produce snap-back, appear crack. Residual water in the water when the body should be thoroughly, in order to avoid the freezing expansion, to make the body burst. 2, choose fuel casually, may reduce engine life, increase the damage probability, winter low temperature keep the liquidity of diesel, viscosity increases, spray powder not easily, cause atomization, combustion deterioration, resulting in a decline in the power performance and economic performance of the diesel engine. So the winter should choose and ignition performance good light diesel oil with low freezing point. General requirements, the freezing point of diesel engine should be lower than the local lowest temperature 7 - the current season 10℃。 3, with flame combustion starting: or burning machine, light damage the engine. 4, with open flame roasting pan: or burning machine, light machine wear. 5, boot method: cause serious damage to the machine. Homework: 6, low temperature load machine caused by serious wear and tear. 7, do not pay attention to the body heat preservation, reduce the working life, damage the engine.
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