Excavator unable to speed up? That was the excavator parts out of the question!

by:HMB     2021-01-17

excavator parts of accelerator gear control system failure will lead to accelerated the excavator is unusual, today, small make up for all arrangement for the following analysis, hope to have reference significance to dig the friends.

1。 Throttle control gear

of excavator parts throttle control, you are the most familiar, excavator from start to work, so its control effect with thousands of one hundred times a day. In fact, it excavator attachments of the throttle control gear, throttle knob is just a part of the system, and the MC computer, the gas motor is in the whole system & lsquo; Big role & rsquo; 。

only normal operation of these parts at the same time, to the engine throttle control, normal excavator parts to work properly. If the system fails, computer display error will occur and abnormal movements, part of the excavator will appear unable to speed up, can't stall failure, etc.

2。 Throttle control principle of gear

the throttle control function: the throttle knob is used to control the diesel engine fuel injection quantity, excavator parts the rotation of the throttle control size is how much control diesel injector's oil, gas, the fuel supply quantity is big, the injection quantity is, the greater the engine speed will be higher.

excavator starts, engine control panel ( The throttle knob) Will give the MC ( PC board) An electrical signal ( A certain throttle gear) MC ( PC board) According to the throttle control signal to the EC motor ( The gas motor) Send instructions, to realize the engine revolutions.

this manual rotation excavator parts control dial ( The throttle knob) A different voltage signals, the MC ( PC board) According to further control the reception EC motor, finally realizes the manual control gear engine speed.

3。 Failure analysis

throttle control excavator accessories: frequent use in practical work, for a long time the rotation of the scrap iron can cause internal contact interface. Throttle control failure, will cause the display screen can't display corresponding to the throttle gear. If the throttle loose knobs, setting up good gear can move back and forth with the vibration of the drivers.

fault handling: each gear is measured with a multimeter voltage value, if do not change or abnormal, directly replace the throttle control.

excavator attachments EC motor ( The gas motor) : perform MC ( The computer) Signals to control the high and low engine speed. Its failure form is varied, such as motor does not work, the action is unusual, throttle work location is not accurate, can't stall ( Some models is controlled by a throttle motor stalling) To speed up slow down.

troubleshooting: if discover the fault phenomenon directly replace the throttle motor.

excavator accessories manufacturers believe that a man who knows how to maintain the driver is truly an old driver. Dig the friends will encounter all sorts of problems in the construction process, this time to master the necessary maintenance knowledge is very important.

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