Excavator to weakness, see if there is something wrong with your hydraulic system?

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Today, small make up to explain it in more detail for you excavator to slow the causes and solutions, let everybody can more accurately determine the excavator fault maintenance. A, whether external leakage excavator hydraulic system to operate directly from the hydraulic steering system, so the first step should check the hydraulic steering system is working correctly. First check whether the hydraulic system pressure is normal, if the system pressure drop, steering cylinder and motor sports is not smooth, shows the oil in the hydraulic system. At this time, should check whether the oil pipe connection is close, the line was clear without break, aging seal is broken or missing, and according to the inspection situation for repair and replacement of spare parts. The quality of hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil quality whether pass directly affects the effect of hydraulic system. Hydraulic oil model error, oil and hydraulic oil quantity too little, will cause a shortage of lubricating oil in the hydraulic system which can lead to hydraulic system the output power is too low, causing excavator to slow. If the hydraulic oil mixed with impurities or foreign body, will not only affect the hydraulic system of the power output, more will affect the quality of the tank wall, seal, and fuel tank parts damaged, causing a further external leakage phenomenon in the hydraulic system. Therefore, find the model of the hydraulic oil is not correct or mixed with impurities, should be timely replacement of hydraulic oil, and clean the hydraulic oil tank, avoid the secondary damage. Three hydraulic system, hydraulic steering system is mixed with the air mixed with air, it will only reduce the quality of the hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil gasification and power output. Even with only a small amount of air, also can cause great damage to hydraulic system, lead to turn slowly. Therefore excavator to slow, can start the engine, rotation and observe the fuel tank, if air from inside the fuel tank, hydraulic system with the air. After the validation of the hydraulic system with air, whether you should repair the steering pump suction tubing failure results in the decrease of sealing, or too little fuel tank inside the amount of oil, to suction tubing or return pipe leakage of hydraulic oil level, oil or hydraulic oil is good, lead to mixed with air. Four, steering pump leakage if the side of the steering pump rotor and blade gap between end face and side plate is too big, will cause the steering pump leakage. The steering pump leak seriously will affect the function of the steering pump, cause the machine to slow. In the middle of the steering cylinder, rotary joint and steering performance are in good condition, change a new pump to do the contrast test; If after the change to the performance good, prove fault is out on the steering pump, a new pump should be replaced. Five, the central swivel joint transfer whether good upward pull (excavator wheel brake switch, if spewed from its internal gas containing oil mist, explain the central swivel joint has been serious wear and tear. Rotary joint wear leads to each other through the swivel joint of oil and gas transmission, enter the wrong pipe, slow of swivel joint link system. At this time, shall check the sealing ring of the central rotary joint, look to whether damaged or aging, discretionary replace new ring. Excavator slow there are a lot of symptom, delay steering system is one of them. Most slow reason and steering system from the faults of hydraulic steering system, so the method can find out from the source, can overhaul a good turn to slow this problem.
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