Excavator to failure: rotary fatigue? Waist flashed a tragedy!

by:HMB     2021-01-27
People have backache backache, excavator also have 'go limp. In the article has analyzed the movable arm weakness, to walk in front of the weakness of the cause of the problem, the drivers turned to what is going on? Turning device is like drivers waist, the waist flash then it is very bad! Before analyzing rotating weak fault is what science drivers under rotation system. Turning device is an important part of the excavator, slewing platform, slewing mechanism, slewing bearing, and so on, the upper platform around the rotary without turning device. When the rotary cannot fault the excavator, will affect the normal operation of hydraulic drivers, so the user must be timely maintenance. Turning to defective also has several forms, such as drivers slewing platform rotation stop and move, rotation speed is lower than 6 r/min, slow strength is insufficient, etc. The common failure cause of the rotary cannot have? 1. Less energy into hydraulic motor when turning to need to inspect the hydraulic motor. Hydraulic motor will output liquid pressure can be converted into mechanical energy, thus restore platform. When the input energy of hydraulic motor to reduce, hard to overcome platform rotational resistance, can cause turn the weakness or even halt. 2. Fault when there is a safety valve, relief valve, oil valve repair valve problem such as untight seal, drivers are influenced by the speed of the rotary platform. If the valve is wear and tear, valve core and valve seat being extrusion pressure sealing will be less, work pressure oil will leak out from the fill valve, cause drivers turned to failure. 3. Pressure limiting valve damping hole plug is a little pressure limiting valve damping hole plug. Because of the pressure limiting valve open, often make the valve seat valve set of easy to wear and tear, still can let external impurities into the oil pump, pressure limiting valve damping hole plug. To limit valve repair, carefully check the degree of wear and tear, beyond repair needs to be replaced. 4. Rotary gear reducer, rotary bearing fault slewing reducer, rotary support is an important part of the slewing mechanism, as the internal appear wear when such as bearings, gears, a sound or vibration phenomenon. Will affect the normal rotation of the rotary platform, rotary slow problem. Rotary gear reducer to preheat oil change on time, and timely check the oil deposits. 5. Several causes other rotary, of course, there are a lot of weakness, because in addition to the slewing mechanism badly worn, all kinds of valve block, hydraulic motor problems, work points of main pump pump will point of failure. In addition, at the time of inspection failure also check the hydraulic oil is failure, the amount of oil is enough, the hydraulic oil is too dirty, etc. , can lead to hydraulic system failure, and thus affect the hydraulic rotary motor. Conclusion: when the rotary cannot fault the excavator, will affect the normal operation of hydraulic drivers, so the user must be timely maintenance. In to deal with rotary fault, need to carefully check the running status of hydraulic equipment, check that the rotary motor and main control valve is normal, measuring brake release valve pilot oil pressure, etc.
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