Excavator to engineering excavator parts profit is expected to improve!

by:HMB     2021-01-17

excavator accessories manufacturers on December 23, according to the excavator is going to rise! Komatsu model all price increase in 2018, komatsu ( China) To inform agent, said influenced by national environmental protection policy, labor and raw materials prices, rising production costs, the company since January 1, 2018, komatsu excavator models will be price increase.

excavators began to rise in price, engineering machinery leading profit is expected to be further improved.

1, the reason: production costs rise, especially the cost of raw materials is one of the main reasons for ascension. In various sectors of engineering machinery, tower crane, forklifts, loaders, excavators accessories such as direct steel ( Mainly in the thick plate) Larger proportion, the excavator steel costs accounted for about 20%, in this round of steel price pressure is obvious.

loader has rise in price in October. According to a report in the China road machinery network on September 2, the raw materials prices rose sharply accelerating loader, construction machinery industry or meet boom ': on October 1, below 30 and models for each increase of 10000 yuan, 50 and above models each rose 20000 yuan, many dealers have received the same adjustment notice. See our report on September 4, the increase in the price of construction machinery: loader engineering machinery in tide '

2, mainstream excavator manufacturers up probability is bigger. The komatsu excavator models all the prices are excavator industry continued to good signal, we can judge: in industry, sales of the period, the other major manufacturers to follow up the probability of a larger. According to the industry to exchange information, excavator accessories manufacturers have the moves.

3, engineering machinery leading enterprise profitability is expected to be further improved. If the cause other engineering machinery leading manufacturer follow up, komatsu price excavator accessories industry average gross margin will be improved significantly, construction machinery industry leading enterprise profitability in 2018 is expected to be further improved.

excavator sales in November 1. 380000 ( + 107%) , the second highest monthly sales record November 1 - Excavator sales in November 12. 630000 units, up 99% from a year earlier. In November, the excavator sales of 1. In November ten thousand, up 107% from a year earlier, the volume after November 1 2010. 440000 units.

excavator attachments manufacturer prediction model: expected 2018 sales of around 170000 units, 20 - year-on-year growth 30%

according to the forecast model excavator attachments manufacturer is expected to reach about 170000 units, 2018 sales growth - 30%! In the first quarter of 2018 data is expected to last more than expected. Driver: excavator industry infrastructure requirements, updating requirements, environmental protection improve, the competitive landscape.

2018 - A sustained recovery in 2020; Excavator, truck crane in succession to meet peak of replacement.

think 2010 - excavator attachments manufacturer 2011 years of history sales peak, after 8 years cycle ( Excavator life in 8 years or so) , is expected to be 2018 - In 2019 in change of the peak. The service life of the concrete machinery, auto crane for 10 years or so, is expected to be 2020 - Replace the peak in 2021, industry recovery sustainability may be longer.

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