Excavator three devices

by:HMB     2021-01-28
1, the work unit: movable arm, arm, bucket, cylinder, connecting rod, etc. , which is also called the big arm moving arm, forearm is also called the arm, bucket, also known as digging bucket; Movable arm is made of high qualified steel plate is made of bent 135 degrees; 200 machine general excavator forearm long 2. 9 m, long 5 big arm. 7 meters; Excavator from the bucket on the installation of can be divided into two kinds of, shovel and backhoe. 2, rotary device: rotary platform, rotary bearing, slewing mechanism. Slewing mechanism including designed motor, rotary gear reducer. 3, walking device: guide wheel, driving wheel, chain wheel, roller and track customarily called 'four-wheel area'.
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