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by:HMB     2021-01-18

simple said is dug, excavator parts work normally, when the power is greater than the resistance, the engine speed will increase, the car runs faster and faster; When the resistance is greater than the power, can appear the engine speed down, smoke even flameout. Also on the excavator is the same reason. Drivers are only to work with engine to drive hydraulic system.

1。 Engine failure itself

excavator & other; Suppress & throughout; Car, consider above all is the engine problems. Excavator & other; Suppress car & throughout; Refers to the engine load under high load operation, the engine is underpowered performance.

as excavator attachments fuel oil oil supply and oil return jams, timing is not accurate, injector fuel atomization effect is bad, the piston ring cylinder liner wear clearance is too large, air filter clogging, inlet air intake system, the turbocharger failure, into the exhaust doors open and close is lax, inter-cooled poor circulation, etc are the cause of the problem to be dealt with.

2。 Hydraulic system failure

as excavator attachments load of the hydraulic pump ( The main pump) , failure, easy to exceed the maximum output power of engine, the engine can't work normally. For example, the inside of the hydraulic pump parts, failure, the master regulator valve ( Multi-way valve, distributor) Stem jamming, main relief valve ( The main safety valve, the main gun) Card to death.

electrical component failure

at this stage of the excavator parts are electronically controlled hydraulic model, circuit control signal, feedback signal an error or do not match, excavator control signal from the computer will change accordingly, suppress the car. Engine RPM sensor, feedback to computer engine revolutions electronics; Hydraulic pump pressure sensor, feedback with electric hydraulic pump pressure.

of course they are directly or indirectly involved in controlling the engine power output, and of course the premise is excavator attachments and engine ECU computer is normal work.

failure phenomenon:

appeared different excavator parts parts & other; Suppress car & throughout; The phenomenon and the degree is different.

engine failure suppress car, small throttle phenomenon is not obvious, down is usually accompanied by the smoke, the greater the throttle gear smoke phenomenon is more obvious.

excavator hydraulic system fault suppress the car accessories, engine exhaust pipe generally do not smoke, to observe the hydraulic oil temperature, usually is cold, hot dog a little bit lighter.

electrical fault suppress car, engine revolutions, oil temperature of hydraulic oil, can make the engine suppress car, also can smoke.

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