Excavator storage method in winter

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Excavator parked for a long time in the cold outside, the machine itself will also have a lot of damage. Here summarized several considerations about winter excavator long stored, share with you. 1, excavator long stored before, need to check and maintain the machine in the whole. Remove the soil contamination in the fuselage; Lubrication for machine parts; Repair damaged parts. When the machine start again to keep the best state. 2, will excavator parked in the dry room; The limited conditions can only be parked outdoors, should choose a solid flat on the ground, to avoid moisture, salt, dust in harsh environment, such as conditional word, find a few piece of fabric will bare cylinder cover. 3, parking, as far as possible the bare cylinder back to prevent foreign object knock against and wet rain and snow weather corrosion of oil cylinder, causing the damage or rust. If space is limited, the oil cylinder can't shrink back, can bare cylinder piston rod in the smear layer of butter, prevent rust. 4, if the condition is limited by only when parked outdoors, be sure to check the valuables in the empty excavator, when necessary, to add a few lock their, avoid the loss of items stolen. 5, empty within the engine cooling water; Replace the engine oil, excavator parked for a long time, the old oil easy to corrosion of metal parts of the engine. 6, fill it up with diesel fuel tank, avoid tank wall rust. 7, battery easy to feed in a cold environment, remove the battery if the condition permits on the indoor storage. If the excavator parked indoors, remember the battery key closed, no battery key machine, also can remove the battery line. 8, puts the fuel control rod of the excavator idle position, the lever in the neutral position. 9, if the excavator to deposit time is too long, should be once every half a month starting the engine, and operating machinery, lubrication place to build a new oil film, make each part to prevent rust, at the same time for the accumulator. 10, the Chinese New Year fireworks firecracker, should be far away from the machine, avoid Fried bad bare cylinder parts, etc. And infected with all sorts of grease on the excavator, a close when the shooting, ignition body may also cause significant losses, although less likely, but be careful no mistake.
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