Excavator sprocket how to maintenance and maintenance

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Chain and sprocket lax degree to running in good, simple too loose form chain may wear off, too tight influence consuming power, are associated with the degree of tightness of the specification, filed or under pressure from the central part of the chain, two sprockets in spacing of about 2%. Chain is too long can get rid of section two probably make its reach appropriate to stop, but the number of link is necessary for the even link should be opposite through the chain, lock plate inserted in the outside, lock the opening of the piece should be toward the shift in the opposite direction. Sprocket or chain wear serious time perhaps to replace the complete sets of chain wheel chain, buy it form a complete set of goods, don't just change may be the chain sprocket, chain because as simple not bad belt is broken, so to form a complete set of replacement goods, otherwise it will form new sprocket meshing owe good to speed up the new chain or wear and tear. Degree of sprocket tooth surface wear to must immediately after over use by extended use of time.
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