Excavator spare parts and maintenance, the eight erroneous zone shall not enter into!

by:HMB     2021-01-22
Implement a regular excavator accessories maintenance aims to reduce the drivers fault, prolong the service life of the excavator. But in the process of practical maintenance, master some excavator tend to maintain is not good, so as to maintain the became & other; Damage & throughout; 。 Today, small make up for all inventory some some & other; Damage & throughout; Excavators, see together:

1, the oil is not only add many drivers will pay attention to the oil amount to check the oil, and according to the standard to add, but neglected the lubricating oil quality inspection and to have metamorphic engine oil replacement, cause some engine moving parts are always in poor lubrication conditions, so as to accelerate the wear parts.

2, butter, indiscriminate use butter is commonly used in engineering machinery repair grease, can play the role of lubrication and seal. Therefore, some mechanic when installing a head gasket, mat in cylinder coated with a layer of butter, thought it can increase the tightness of diesel engine. It seems to do little imagine, affected the performance of diesel engine. When the mounting head gasket, pay special attention to its sealing quality. If installed in the cylinder MATS and butter, when the cylinder head bolt is tightened, part of the butter will be squeezed into the cylinder in the channel and the oil duct, stay in the cylinder gasket between the butter in cylinder work, due to the effect of high temperature, part will shed cylinder combustion, others remain in the combination of the cylinder block and cylinder head, cylinder pad, cylinder head and the body plane between aperture, high temperature and high pressure gas from impact cylinder pad, easily damaged cylinder pad, cause air leakage.

3, do not check in the maintenance debugging fuel injection pump plunger stroke allowance, first check the travel allowance, to determine whether the fuel injection pump also allows for the adjustment. Check, should according to the different structure of fuel injection pump USES the following different ways: a) Rotate the camshaft, plunger tip after the first check point, remove the oil valve and valve seat, measured with vernier depth. b) Plunger is after the first check point, use a screwdriver to pry up the plunger spring spring seat, make the piston rises to a peak. And then insert a feeler gauge between the tappet adjustment bolts under the plunger surface and measurement. Standard of plunger travel allowance is about 1. 5 mm, wear after the limits of travel allowance should not be less than 0. 5mm。

4, with emery cloth grinding bearing shell when some people replacing bearing shell, to increase the contact area of bearing shell and crankshaft, with emery cloth grinding instead of blow. This method is highly desirable in the actual repair, because of the abrasive cloth is hard, and the bearing alloy is soft, so when grinding sand easily embedded in the alloy, the diesel engine work will accelerate journal wear, shorten the service life of the crankshaft, the excavator attachments damaged.

5, cylinder liner and piston product without matching that installing a change in the cylinder liner and piston, people might think that the new cylinder liner and piston are standard parts, are interchangeable, mount can use. In fact, the size of the cylinder liner and piston has a certain tolerance range. Such as the maximum size of the jacket with the minimum size of the piston, can make the fit clearance is too large, causing compression is weak, and start the difficulties. Change, therefore, must want to check the size of the standard cylinder liner and piston group code, equipped with standard of cylinder liner and piston must make the size of the piston group code and the size of the standard cylinder liner group code is the same, only in this way can ensure a standard fit clearance between.

6, bolt screw too tight construction machinery in the process of dismantling, many parts of the bolt are torque requirements, such as transmission box, cylinder head, wheel hub, connecting rod and, in areas such as the front axle tightening torque has special provisions in the specification, must not optional change. But many users are mistaken for some will be more security, but twist too tight will cause the screw or bolt broken, can also be caused by screw thread slipping fault.

7 is not allowed, the cylinder clearance measurement in the measuring cylinder clearance, not in the piston skirt is perpendicular to the direction of the piston pin hole measurement, and measurement in the other direction. The structure characteristics of aluminum alloy piston is little big, is a cone, and the skirt section for elliptic, so along the circumferential direction of the cylinder clearance is not equal. Measurement, the regulations will be subject to the direction of the long axis of the ellipse clearance, which measure the piston skirt in vertical direction of the piston pin hole clearance. Such measurement is more convenient, accurate, and in reciprocating motion, the piston skirt is perpendicular to the direction of the piston pin hole bigger due to the effect of lateral pressure and wear.

8, flame heating due to the piston and piston pin is interference fit, so when installing a piston pin, should first make the piston thermal expansion, at this time, some of the maintenance personnel will put the piston on the flame heating directly, so it is very wrong. If the piston reaches a certain temperature after natural cooling, and its related organizations will be damaged and the wear-resisting performance is greatly reduced, its service life will be significantly reduced. When installing a piston pin, excavator attachments small make up recommend piston can be placed in hot oil evenly heating make its slow inflation, must not use open flame heating directly.

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