Excavator solenoid valve structure

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Electromagnetic valve including ( Coil, magnets, plunger) 。 When the coil current is switched on, the magnetism is produced, with magnets attract each other, the magnet will pull the plunger. Shut off the power, the magnet and the plunger is reset, so the electromagnetic valve can finish the work process. This is the principle of electromagnetic valve. Solenoid valve is commonly used in the hydraulic system, to close and open the oil. In fact, according to the flow through the medium temperature, pressure, etc. , such as the pipeline pressure and their status without pressure. The working principle of electromagnetic valve are different. For example in artesian condition need to zero pressure startup, is after electrify, the brake coil whole body sucked up. And stress state of solenoid valve, it is the coil after electrify suck out a pin on the lock body, with the top of the lock body and the pressure of the fluid itself, the difference between these two approaches is that their status of electromagnetic valve, because the coil to suck up the lock body, so the volume is larger and the electromagnetic valve with the pressure, only need to suck up the pin, so the relatively small volume can be done.
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